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Photo Feature Archives

Date Pub.
01-04-08 Steve Latham JSU 2007 ... Year in Pictures
01-03-08 Steve Latham Ester Uesry Named JSU Employee of the Year 2007
01-02-08 Steve Latham Annual Staff Awards 2007 - Recipients of Service Pins
12-20-07 Steve Latham Scenes from JSU Fall 2007 Graduation
11-28-07 Courtsey of NWP JSU Peer Educators Receive National Affiliate of the Year Award
11-26-07 Dr. George Lauderbaugh Guatemala Children's Shoe Box Program
11-20-07 Renee Morrison Son of JSU Educator Chosen as Ambassador to the Weather Channel Summit
11-20-07 NWP Photo JSU Educators/Directors of JSU/Alabama Writing Projects Attend NWP Meeting
11-14-07 Renee Morrison Autumn Naturalist Adventure at DeSoto State Park
11-12-07 Tracy Casey Six JSU Students Receive Prestigious Chemistry Awards
11-09-07 Steve Latham Remembering Jack Hopper: Distinguished JSU Administrator
11-08-07 Steve Latham Annual Renaissance Madrigal Dinner Theater
11-02-07 Patty Hobbs Scenes from the JSU McClellan Day Care Center's Halloween Day Festivities
11-01-07 Steve Latham Trick or Treaters from the JSU Nursery School - JSU Campus
10-26-07 Steve Latham Half-time Presentations at Paul Snow Stadium - JSU 2007 Homecoming Day
10-25-07 Steve Latham Highlights of the JSU Homecoming 2007 Parade
10-23-07 Renee Morrison A Frightful Friday Night: Spooky Stories & S’mores
10-19-07 Steve Latham Valencia Cantrell Crowned JSU's 2007 Homecoming Queen - Homecoming Day Half-time Ceremony
10-19-07 Steve Latham Valencia Cantrell Named JSU's 2007 Homecoming Queen - Homecoming Pep Rally
10-19-07 Steve Latham Scenes of SGA's J-DAY 2007
10-17-07 Steve Latham Gladys M. Carlisle Fine Arts Facility Dedication Ceremony
10-15-07 Steve Latham JSU 2007 Homecoming Court Finalists
10-10-07 State Legislators Present $10,000 Check
to Fund Scholarship Sponsored by Marshall County Alumni Association
10-09-07 Steve Latham JSU 2007 Homecoming Pageant Finalists
10-08-07 Pete Conroy JSU Celebrates Canyon Center and Public Lands
09-28-07 Pete Conroy Little River Canyon Center
Construction Site/Public Lands Day
09-24-07 Steve Latham Career Placement Services Features JSU Alumnus/Congressman Mike Rogers
in New Program Series
09-18-07 Pete Conroy Little River Canyon Growing Like a Weed
09-12-07 Pete Conroy JSU Announces Plans for Public Lands Day
09-11-07 Patty Hobbs Scenes from the JSU McClellan Day Care Center's Observance of Sixth Anniversary of 9-11
08-21-07 Renee Morrison Celebrate National Dog Week:
Cheaha Dog and Master Hike
05-08-07 Rodney Bailey JSU Center Stage Winterguard Wins Prelims Round at World Championships
05-07-07 Renee Morrison JSU Field Trips K-12 Adventures: Jacksonville High School
05-07-07 Renee Morrison JSU Field Schools Treat Saks Elementary Gifted Class to a Naturalist Adventure
05-03-07 Renee Morrison Rayburn Twins Rescue Baby Opossum
05-03-07 Renee Morrison Stemley Elementary School on Adventure with JSU Field Schools
05-03-07 Renee Morrison Scenes from the 3rd Annual Mountain Longleaf Festival
05-02-07 Steve Latham JSU Spring 2007 Graduation
05-02-07 Steve Latham Awards Presented to Graduates with Highest GPA in Field of Study
01-18-07 Steve Latham Tim McCord Named Employee of the Year 2006
01-18-07 Steve Latham Jessica Andrews Crowned Miss JSU 2007
01-09-07 Renee Morrison Cline Children Present Gift of King Friday to JSU Field Schools
01-02-07 Angie Finley Southerners 50th Reunion Photo Takes Prize
05-01-06 Steve Latham Largest Graduating Class in JSU's History
04-18-06 News Bureau Spring Fling
04-11-06 Vitaly Charny Renee Morrison Promotes JSU Field Schools on Earth Day
04-04-06 Dr. Joe Delap
Dr. Delap Participated in Oxford Round Table
04-04-06 News Bureau Fashion Show
03-16-06 Debbie Taylor Higher Ed Day
03-16-06 Debbie Taylor JSU STAR Event
03-15-06 Paula Barnett-Ellis Swirling Clouds
03-15-06 J. Allen Gower Georgia Aquarium
03-13-06 Al & Patt Harris Orbs — Ghosts, or Science?
03-07-06 News Bureau
Taster's Fair
03-06-07 Dr. Mark Fagan Sunrise at Gulf Shores
02-27-06 Renee Morrison JSU's Frog Pond
02-13-06 Chris Raney Snowy Fun in Tremont
02-07-06 Randy Wilson Technology & Engineering Moves into New Facilities
01-24-06 Dr. Mark Fagan Sunset over JSU
01-23-06 Geni Certain 3 Kitties
01-13-06 Curt Sasser A White Squirrel
12-14-05 Renee Morrison Southern Living Spotlights JSU Field Schools
12-05-05 Mike VanDeWalker Oregon Cold
12-05-05 Al Harris Caught!
12-05-05 Al Harris Pecker the Nuthatch
11-30-05 Steve Latham Scenes from "JSU in Lights"
11-28-05 Al Harris Birds Feast, Play
11-04-05 Renee Morrison Kitty Stone Group Enjoys Field School Gathering
11-04-05 Paula Barnett-Ellis Goshen Sunset
11-01-05 Steve Latham Homecoming Step Show
10-31-05 Angie Finley Scenes from Homecoming Day
10-31-05 Randy Wilson More Scenes from Homecoming
10-31-05 Ashley Wheeler Gamecock Gallopers
10-31-05 Randy Wilson Scenes from JSU's Haunted Theatre
10-31-05 Randy Wilson Trick-or-Treaters!
10-28-05 Randy Wilson Homecoming Door Decorating Contest
10-21-05 Alex Stillwagon Homecoming Court Finalists
10-20-05 Randy Wilson Pelham Monument
10-20-05 Randy Wilson Scottish Highland Games
10-20-05 Steve Latham Bird's-Eye View of Students
10-20-05 Alex Stillwagon SGA Presents Katrina Relief Funds
10-18-05 Steve Latham Luncheon Honors the Daugette Family
10-18-05 Steve Latham Top 10 Homecoming Finalists
10-18-05 SGA Student Activities Committee Wins Regional Award
10-18-05 Randy Wilson Gospel Choir Peforms at National Conference
09-28-05 Randy Wilson Iraq Exhibit
09-27-05 Randy Wilson Mountain Echoes Festival II
09-26-05 Angie Finley Mountain Echoes Festival I
09-26-05 Al Harris Hummers Up Close
09-20-05 Steve Latham Alfa Luncheon
09-20-05 Angie Finley Moon
09-20-05 Mike VanDeWalker Where Lava Bed Meets Forest
09-19-05 Angie Finley Saturday's Tailgate Party
09-19-05 Al Harris Dive-Bomber
09-16-05 Alex Stillwagon New Faculty at JSU
09-16-05 Randy Wilson Constitution Day Observance
09-16-05 Randy Wilson Alumni House Gets Face-Lift
09-16-05 Dr. Roger Sauterer Logan Martin Lake
09-16-05 Mike VanDeWalker Almost Tame
09-16-05 Dr. Frank Romano Castel Sant' Angelo
09-15-05 Dr. Frank Romano Sunrise & Keyhole Sunset
09-15-05 Dr. Roger Sauterer Night Storms
09-15-05 Randy Wilson Getting Settled
09-14-05 Jonna VanDeWalker Definitely Not Shy!
09-14-05 Mike VanDeWalker Cascades, Early Morning
09-12-05 Dr. Roger Sauterer Skies
09-12-05 Dr. Frank Romano Castelrotto, Italy
09-09-05 Randy Wilson Organization Council
09-09-05 Dr. Roger Sauterer Sanibel Island
09-09-05 Al Harris Hummers
09-09-05 Dr. Frank Romano Isle of Capri
09-09-05 Al Harris Goldfinch
09-02-05 Randy Wilson Thursday Night Tailgaters
09-02-05 Randy Wilson Collecting Coins for Hurricane Relief Efforts
09-01-05 Dr. Marvin Jenkins Old Homesteads
08-31-05 Renee Morrison, Randy Wilson, J. Allan Gower, Karen Gregg Triathlon Saturday for Field School Events
08-16-05 Joy Lovett-Bishop Statue of Liberty at Dusk
08-15-05 Randy Wilson and Angie Finley JSU Volunters Turn Out for Day of Caring
08-11-05 Renee Morrison Kids into Nature Camp
08-05-05 Shannon Reynolds Rescued Squirrels
08-04-05 J. Allen Gower Sunflowers
07-25-05 Mike VanDeWalker Trout Creek Ranch, Oregon
07-22-05 Dr. Roger Sauterer
Logan Martin Lake
07-21-05 Randy Wilson Alumni Affairs Outing: Lake Winnepesaukah
07-21-05 Randy Wilson Pottery-making Class - DeSoto State Park
07-18-05 Dave Howell Venomous Organisms - Little River Canyon
07-18-05 Debra Deering Lighthouse - St. Simon's Island, GA
07-12-05 Jessica Bryant Sunset Pictures of Rialto Beach, WA
07-12-05 Chris Newsome Fireworks on the 4th of July
07-01-05 Photos from State Teachers College Bulletin Vintage JSU: Bibb Graves - 1931
06-30-05 Dave Howell Summer Kids Fest
06-28-05 Randy Wilson Killer 'Makeup" Exams
06-28-05 Courtesy of Edwerta Carpenter/ Al Harris Then & Now: Edwerta Carpenter
06-28-05 Angie Finley Trip to the Smokies
06-27-05 Angie Finley Ripley's Aquarium
06-23-05 Courtesy of Homer Barnwell 1948 Crime Rate: 0
06-23-05 Carla Willingham Playing with Dolphin
06-21-05 Al Harris 1934 JSTC Semi-Centennial Celebration
06-20-05 Al Harris Shinplasters
06-20-05 Al Harris Testing Christmas Decorations
06-17-05 Edwerta Carpenter Surrounded by Two Indian Nations
06-17-05 Dr. George Cline Scenes from Tropical Biology Trip
06-17-05 Collection of Edwerta Carpenter & Al Harris Then & Now: South Pelham Rd., Early 1930s
06-16-05 Sharon Southern Exploring Nature
06-15-05 Darwin & Elaine Hardison, Edwerta Carpenter, & Al Harris The Iris Theater
06-15-05 Rufus Carr & Al Harris Before McDonald's
06-15-05 Al Harris & Collection of Darwin and Elaine Hardison Historic Post Office Locations in Jacksonville
06-14-05 Renee Morrison Rat Snake Returned to Wild
06-13-05 Al Harris Hungry Woodpecker
06-10-05 Ala. Dept. of Archives and History Town Map, 1875
06-10-05 Mike VanDeWalker Herbert Glacier, Alaska
06-10-05 Mike VanDeWalker 1898 Railway Still in Operation
06-09-05 Collection of Homer Barnwell The Varsity, 1942
06-08-05 Collection of Homer Barnwell The Company Store
06-06-05 Paula Barnett-Ellis Double Rainbows, Centre
06-06-05 Al Harris Then & Now: Jacksonville's Oldest Home?
06-06-05 Al Harris Bird Action
05-31-05 Mac Knight Pileated Woodpeckers
05-31-05 Al Harris Ruby-Throated Hummers
05-27-05 Collection of Homer Barnwell City Cafe, Early 1900s
05-26-05 Collection of Homer Barnwell Town Plat (c. 1894) Shows Normal School/Courthouse
05-25-05 Al Harris & Homer Barnwell 1930s Aerial of Jacksonville Public Square
05-25-05 Al Harris, Homer Barnwell, Russell Bros. Studio, &  Anniston-Calhoun Co. Public Library (Alabama Room) Then & Now: Pictorial History of Calhoun County Courthouse
05-24-05 Al Harris & Jesse N. Wood First Modern Roads
05-20-05 Al Harris & Jesse N. Wood Jacksonville's First Bank, 1891
05-19-05 Randy Wilson Campus Easing Into Summer
05-19-05 Al Harris & Jesse N. Wood What Tuition Used to Look Like....
05-19-05 Gordon Bohannon & Steve Barker Fly Fishing
05-18-05 Dr. & Mrs. Joe Delap Scenes from A Trip to Ireland
05-16-05 Al Harris & Anniston-Calhoun County Public Library Vintage JSU - Aerial
05-13-05 Al Harris & Anniston-Calhoun County Public Library 1922 SNS State Basketball Champs
05-12-05 Al Harris Hairy Rocks & Needled Stones
05-12-05 Angie Finley Grounds of St. Luke's Episcopal Church
05-10-05 Al Harris & Archives of Buddy Tredaway Then & Now: Tredaway Home
05-10-05 Al Harris & Archives of Buddy Tredaway Then & Now: First National Bank
05-10-05 Al Harris & Archives of First Presbyterian Church Then & Now: First Presbyterian, Jacksonville
05-09-05 Al Harris & Archives of Buddy Tredaway Then & Now: First United Methodist, Jacksonville
05-09-05 Al Harris A Zen Thing...
05-09-05 Al Harris The Misunderstanding
05-09-05 Al Harris Wren
05-05-05 Venita Toney Montgomery Zoo
05-05-05 Archives of Houston Cole Library JSU's Golden Age
05-04-05 Archives of Houston Cole Library JSU's Agriculture Program
05-02-05 Terry Schneider Stargazer Lillies
05-02-05 Al Harris Pancakes, Anyone?
05-02-05 Al Harris Sunbathers
04-29-05 Mac Knight Singing Thrasher
04-28-05 Randy Wilson Lending A Helping Hand
04-28-05 Randy Wilson Jacksonville Square, 1942
04-27-05 Mac Knight Open Wide
04-27-05 MAJ Greg Pass Another Gamecock Banner, Iraq
04-26-05 Mac Knight And They Mean It! (Ground squirrels....)
04-25-05 Al Harris Ariel the Hawk
04-25-05 Al Harris Wildlife Exhibits, Museum
04-25-05 Mac Knight Western Bluebird
04-25-05 Mac Knight Mom & Baby Owls
04-22-05 Dr. Roger Sauterer Fog & Night Lights
04-22-05 Randy Wilson Flowers Around JSU, Rabbittown
04-21-05 Randy Wilson Old Homestead
04-21-05 Al Harris Motion
04-21-05 Dr. Roger Sauterer Atmosphere
04-21-05 Al Harris Night Scene, Jacksonville
04-20-05 Steve Latham Kennamer Hall Dedication
04-18-05 Al Harris "Moods of the Sun," An Experiment with Light
04-18-05 Al Harris Bottle Collection
04-18-05 Al Harris Cobalt Blue
04-18-05 J. Allen Gower Plant Identification, Ohatchee
04-18-05 Mike VanDeWalker Dockside Color
04-13-05 Mike VanDeWalker Clouds
04-13-05 Mike VanDeWalker Training Day
04-12-05 Mike VanDeWalker Bleeding Heart
04-12-05 Mike VanDeWalker Rhodies
04-11-05 Constance Brewster Cayman Sunset
04-11-05 Al Harris Flowers
04-11-05 Al Harris Wisteria
04-11-05 Miranda Myrick Pell City Sunset
04-07-05 Dr. Roger Sauterer Morning Fog
04-07-05 J. Allen Gower Rural Scenes
04-06-05 Steve Latham JSU's Spring Blooms
04-06-05 Sharlet Keilman In the Nick of Time
04-04-05 Carol Moore Art Critic
04-04-05 Dr. Roger Sauterer Foggy Night
04-04-05 Maj. John Nolan Gamecock Banner in Saddam's Palace
04-04-05 Al Harris Mug Shots
04-04-05 Al Harris Hummers
04-04-05 Al Harris Chickadee
03-30-05 Mike VanDeWalker Light Bulbs
03-30-05 Mike VanDeWalker Neon
03-30-05 Mike VanDeWalker Chrome
03-30-05 Al Harris Springing Forward
03-30-05 Al Harris Stained Glass, Jacksonville, St. Luke's Episcopal
03-29-05 Al Harris Moonrise Over JSU
03-29-05 Patt W. Harris Nuthatch Suite: The Dance of Spring
03-29-05 Al Harris Peregrine Falcon
03-29-05 Al Harris Bird Antics
03-29-05 Al Harris Turkey Vulture
03-29-05 Al Harris Pine Snake
03-28-05 Al Harris Stained Glass, Anniston
03-28-05 Al Harris Historic Homes, Talladega
03-28-05 J. Allen Gower Old Barn, Ohatchee
03-28-05 Al Harris Indigo Snake
03-28-05 Al Harris Paulownia Tree
03-28-05 Al Harris Horned Owl
01-25-05 Ron Nevel Winter on the Susquehanna River
01-25-05 Ron Nevel Stone Wall, Broome Co., N.Y.
01-25-05 Dr. Mark Fagan Noccalula Falls After Heavy Rain
01-25-05 Tom Collins Moths
01-25-05 Mike VanDeWalker Frosty Morning, Springfield, OR
01-25-05 Chris Newsome Mayan Ruins at Chichén Itzá
01-25-05 Christy Hardin Boat Docked, Seattle, Wash.
11-24-04 J. Allen Gower Janney Iron Furnace
11-24-04 J. Allen Gower Reflections
11-24-04 J. Allen Gower Mushrooms
11-24-04 J. Allen Gower Country Road
11-23-04 Al Harris Alumni House, Fall Color
11-23-04 Larry K. Martin Outjumping the African Jumpers
11-23-04 Mike VanDeWalker Chambers RR Bridge
11-22-04 Al Harris Rainy Monday
11-16-04 Mike VanDeWalker Centennial Bridge, Cottage Grove, Oreg.
11-14-04 Al Harris Scenes from Powwow
11-11-04 Dr. Mark Fagan North Carolina Vistas
11-10-04 Al Harris Christmas Wreath Hung at Bibb Graves
11-09-04 Ted White Splash of Color
11-09-04 Courtney Peppers Owen Scenes From Callaway Gardens
11-09-04 Dr. Kelly Ryan Tigger and Friends
11-05-04 Steve Latham J-Day Fun
11-05-04 Alex Stillwagon Rachel Townson Crowned Miss Homecoming
11-05-04 Al Harris Decorations Show Homecoming Spirit
11-02-04 Ted White A Moment Before Sunrise
11-02-04 Mary & Ron Nevel Susquehanna River & Cayuga Lake
11-01-04 Alex Stillwagon Oct. 27th Lunar Eclipse
11-01-04 Ray Wiseman Sammy the Cat
11-01-04 Mike VanDeWalker Covered Bridges, Old School, '51 Studebaker
11-01-04 Dr. Roger Sauterer Seaplane on Logan Martin Lake
10-29-04 Al Harris Trick 'r Treaters
10-29-04 Dr. Roger Sauterer Storm Panorama
10-28-04 Al Harris Plants of Ladiga Trail
10-27-04 Wayland Smith Bradley Smith & Pumpkins
10-27-04 Al Harris Halloween 1968
10-27-04 Mary Smith Bulls
10-26-04 Dr. Roger Sauterer 2003 Lunar Eclipse
10-26-04 Mike VanDeWalker Oregon Lighthouses
10-26-04 Al Harris Ranch Scenes: Amish Buggy, Horses
10-25-04 Stacy Wood Knobby Squirrels
10-25-04 Dr. Frank Romano More Scenes From Venice
10-25-04 Dr. Roger Sauterer Night Storm, Logan Martin Lake
10-21-04 John Castleberry Artistic Scenes
10-21-04 Jan Rhodes Mayfield Lane
10-21-04 Dr. Frank Romano Venice
10-21-04 Mike VanDeWalker Oregon Snow
10-20-04 Mike VanDeWalker Oregon Sunset, Rainbow
10-20-04 Ted White Orange Beach
10-20-04 Dr. Roger Sauterer How to Photograph Lightning
10-20-04 Al Harris Owls
10-20-04 Wayne Brown Cleburne Co. Scenes
10-19-04 Mary Smith In High Cotton
10-19-04 Dr. Mark Fagan Gulf Sunsets
10-19-04 Al Harris Hawk
10-19-04 Dr. Roger Sauterer Sanibel Island Sunsets
10-14-04 Dr. Mark Fagan New River Gorge, W. Va.
10-13-04 Dr. Roger Sauterer Storms, Sunsets, Beautiful Skies
10-11-04 Dr. Roger Sauterer Storm Near Sanibel Island
09-20-04 Audrey Moore Monterey, Calif.
07-07-04 Alex Stillwagon Bursting Balloon
03-17-04 Chris Newsome JSU Sunset
03-12-04 Kevin McFry Smokies
03-03-04 Al Harris Sunset from Ladiga Trail
02-23-04 Al Harris Depot at Sunrise
02-22-04 Al Harris Mums