Rent the Recreation Center

Recreation center exterior in the fall.

General Information

Recreation and Fitness Center rental requests are processed in the order in which they are received. They must be submitted 14 days in advance and payment must be made in full 7 days prior to the date of the event. Cancellations should also be made 7 days in advance unless otherwise noted based on the terms and conditions of the rental contract. All cancellations made 48 hours prior to the event will be charged fully for the event, regardless of it the event happens. Any deposits made for larger events, will be nonrefundable and cancellations will be made if the payment deadlines are not met. Once you have submitted the Rental Request Form, review the next steps in the rental confirmation.

For additional questions, please email Kyle Pearson at

Reserve the Recreation Center

Confirmation Email: All hosts will receive a confirmation email with the date, time, location and a general summary of the event. Hosts will receive this email and will also need to respond to any follow up questions within the email to make sure all event details are worked out before the day of event.

***Actions Required Below!

Invoice: All events will have an invoice processed which will need to be paid in full 7 days prior to the rental or reservation. Larger events will require a deposit, which will need to be paid a month in advance. Failure to pay will result in cancellation of rental or reservation. Any deposits made for larger events, will be nonrefundable and cancellations will be made if the payment deadlines are not met.

Host Confirmation: The host of the event will need to sign the invoice and send it back to Kyle Pearson. If confirmation is not sent back before 7 days to the event, the event may be cancelled.

*Reminder emails will be sent the Monday before the event confirming payment and day of event details to ensure no changes have been made.

Rental Spaces & Fees

Fees for rentals are classified into categories based on affiliation with Jacksonville State University, student organizations, and the Recreation and Fitness Center.

All student organizations recognized by the Dean of Students can receive rental space for free if the organization is not charging for the event, fundraising and meet all requirements set by the RFC. If an organization is charging or does not meet all the criteria needed for free rental space, organizations will be charged the affiliated rates. Free rental space does not include tables, chairs, AV, staffing, etc.

Rental Spaces
Prices per hour
Single Basketball Court  $30
Gymnasium (All 3) $120
Multi Activity Court (MAC) $30
Racquetball - Per Court  $15
 Studio - per room $30
Meeting Room (meeting room, wet meeting room)  $15
Pool & Deck-Indoor  $55
Pool& Deck–Outdoor  $55
Gaming Louge  $90
Climbing Wall $50
Patio $30

A non-JSU affiliated group is an organization or entity that is not directly associated with JSU. Examples include: a local high school wanting to rent a basketball court, a JSU Employee wanting to rent the pool for his/her child’s birthday party, etc.

Rental Spaces
Prices per hour
Multi Activity Court (MAC) $90
Gymnasium - per court $90
Gymnasium (All 3) $270
Racquetball - Per Court  $60
 Studio - per room $80
Meeting Room – Wet Meeting Room, Conference Room and Meeting Room
Indoor/Outdoor Pool $100
Gaming Louge  $250
Climbing Wall $100
Patio $80

Student organizations are defined as groups or organizations, who have registered with and are
organized by the Student Government through the Dean of Students Office including Fraternities and
Sororities. Room Rentals for student organizations are free of charge except for events (1) Having co-
sponsorship event/program with a department, tax exempt group or commercial group (2) Charging a
registration or admittance fee or selling tickets (donations included) (3) Sponsoring a program that is
open to the public (non-students).

Rental Spaces
Multi Activity Court (MAC) No Fee
Gymnasium - per court No Fee
Gymnasium (All 3) No Fee
Racquetball - Per Court  No Fee
 Studio - per room No Fee
Meeting Room – Wet Meeting Room, Conference Room and Meeting Room
No Fee
Indoor/Outdoor Pool No Fee
Gaming Louge  No Fee
Climbing Wall No Fee
Patio No Fee

The Recreation and Fitness Center strives to use best practices in safety and risk management. It is important that all hosts wanting to reserve space follow the guidelines for chaperoning events and understand that additional staffing may be required to keep all members, guests and hosts safe while in the facility. Groups are required to have 1 chaperone for every 10 minors and coverage in all activity spaces is always required by all hosts.

Additional Fee Categories  Price
Event Staffing: Climbing Wall Attendants, Lifeguards, Operations Specialist, Building Operations Supervisors  $10.00/Additional Staff/Hour
Group Fitness Staffing: Group Fitness Instructor  $28.00/Additional Staff/Hour
Technology Fee 

MAC: $20.00

Portable: $40.00

Party Packages and Group Rentals

All pool parties include 2 hours in the indoor (Or outdoor pool if open) and the Wet Meeting Room. All pool parties require an additional guard per 30 participants. The host must have the RFC Facility Waiver signed by all participants and their guardians, if the participant is a minor (under 18). All pool parties are permitted 30 minutes before and after for set up and tear down, including pizza, cake, decorations, etc. All tables and chairs will be set up prior to the start time. If you would like additional
chairs on the pool deck, please include the information on your Rental Request Form.

Fee: $250.00

**The patio is available instead of the Wet Meeting Room upon request and will add $20.00 to the party fee.

All Climbing Wall Parties include 2 hours at the Climbing and Bouldering Wall and include the Meeting Room. All Climbing Wall Parties require at least two additional staff to assist in belaying. The host must have the RFC Facility Waiver and the Climbing Waiver signed by all participants and their guardians, if the participant is a minor (under 18). All Climbing Wall Parties are permitted 30 minutes before and after for set up and tear down, including pizza, cake, decorations, etc. All tables and chairs will be set up prior to the start time. Please ask all participants to arrive 15-30 minutes early to check out all gear required to climb at the Welcome Desk.

Fee: $270.00

All parties can be accommodated based on need. Court rentals and gaming lounge rentals can be created to fit the need of your party. The Sport/Lounge Party includes 2 hours (exclusive to the party) on the Court 1 and in the Gaming Lounge. The Gaming Lounge allows participants to use a PS4, Xbox, ping pong table and includes space for board games (host must bring those day of the rental). Court 1 can be set up for basketball or volleyball depending on the party. All equipment including
controllers, games, balls, etc are included with the rental and will be located at the Welcome Desk to be checked out by the host.

Fee: $450.00

Groups are permitted to use the facility as a guest would if there are 30-50 people participating in the group. All groups must follow the guest policies and will participate in all activities as RFC guests would with no special privileges or access to the facility or it’s programs. The host must have the RFC Facility Waiver signed by all participants and their guardians, if the participant is a minor (under 18). All group rentals must follow the rental process regardless of space usage.

Fee: $400.00 ($8.00 per person)

Additional Rental Resources

All participants must complete a waiver before entering the facility. The host is responsible for having all waivers signed by the participant (and the Guardian, if the participant is a minor) prior to the event. Additional waivers will be on site, but to ensure a smooth and easy process for all, please complete waivers prior to the event. Any participants without a signed waiver will not be permitted to use the facility. Below is a copy of the RFC Facility Waiver and Climbing Wall Waiver. 

Facility Waiver

Climbing Wall Waiver

The Recreation and Fitness Center has a parking lot directly in front of the facility that is currently shared with Kennemer Hall and Stephenson Hall. There is additional parking behind Kennemer Hall, which can be used for larger events taking place in the MAC Gym. Any event with a lot of decorations or needs easier access to unload event materials into the facility, may use the side entrance if discussed and approved by the Coordinator of Facility Operations. Any additional parking or events needing spaces blocked off must notify the Coordinator of Facility Operations to coordinate spots and locations for event guests.

Food and drink are permitted for all rentals. Any event that would like to have food catered must contact Sodexo for catering information. Bringing in off campus food (beyond a potluck/pizza) or another vendor, especially for larger event, is prohibited without an approved food waiver. To order food through Sodexo, please visit: Below is the contact information for all catering through Sodexo.

Lynne Cotton