student climbing the rock wall

Meet us at the Wall!

Our 43’ ft climbing wall offers members the opportunity to rock climb year round indoors while hanging high. The climbing wall features bouldering wall, auto belay, top-rope and lead climbing options for the beginner to the advanced climber. We offer open recreation, belay clinics, special events and are also available for group rentals. Harnesses, climbing shoes and other equipment are all available to participants at the Welcome Desk. Come try this exciting activity and find a great place to have fun and meet new people.

Once inside the RFC, head directly to the Wall for check-in.

Summer Climbing Wall Hours

Monday-Thursday 3 pm - 7 pm
Friday 3 pm - 7 pm
Saturday Noon - 3 pm
Sunday Noon - 3 pm

Belay and Climbing Clinics

Unlike top-rope climbing, where the rope is already set up through an anchor at the top of the route, lead climbing involves the climber bringing the rope up with them and placing protective gear as they go. Lead climbing is a more advanced and dynamic style of climbing that adds an additional layer of skill and responsibility compared to top-rope climbing.

Depending on class size, belay clinics will last between an hour and a half to two hours.  Participants will build on their climbing skills by learning how to lead climb and belay a lead climber safely.

Participants of the clinic will be allowed to test out for a lead card 24 hours after the have been taught this skill.

Upon successful demonstration of knowledge of skills taught, participants will be issued a belay card each time they check into to the climbing wall, permitting them to be able to belay climbers.  

Monday - Thursday from 6-8 pm starting January 23 through March 15.

Lead Climbing Clinics

  • March 4th 6-8pm
  • March 26th 6-8pm
  • April 3rd 6-8pm

Interested in learning more climbing skills?

Check out all of the other technical clinics JSU Adventure Recreation will be hosting this semester on the Clinics page.