Bennett Field Reservations

Bennett Field Priority Usage

  • Bennett Field was donated to JSU for the specific function of supporting the Marching Southerners
  • All facility use policies and schedules must prioritize Bennett Field for Marching Southerners
  • Bennett Field will be scheduled on a semester (Fall, Spring and Summer) basis according to the following priority use schedule:
    1. Marching Southerners will reserve all needed field times (with extra scheduling cushions for flexibility).  No other reservations may take place during Marching Southerners indicated time unless approved in advance.  These special requests should generally be avoided.
    2. Next, University Recreation will schedule intramural sports contests, open recreation times and sport club events.
    3. Third, reservations can be processed for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), and JSU departments. Reservation policies should be reviewed prior. Any other groups looking to request Bennett Field should contact Sandy Duval at

Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) interested in reserving space at Bennett Field can complete the Reservation Request Form. 

  • RSOs and JSU Departments may request Bennett Field for one-time special events. 
  • RSOs with missions that cannot be achieved without regular access to outdoor athletic fields may be eligible for reoccurring reservations on Bennett Field.
  • To accommodate as many students and organizations as possible a limit will be placed on all reoccurring reservations.
  • Filling out the Request form does not guarantee you will get the day and time you requested. You will get an email confirmation when the request is approved or an email saying the space is not available and lists alternative days/times.
  • Requests should be filled out at least two weeks before you wish to use the field.
  • No RSO may have a reservation occur more than 3 times per week and/or 3 hours per day.

Request to Reserve Bennett Field

Reservation Request Form

Reservation Policies for Registered Student Organization Use of Bennett Field

  • Requests must be submitted 14 days prior to the event (URec will need to be flexible with this deadline at the start of the semester).
  • Requests should be submitted through the web form found on the (to be created).
  • Reservation requests will not be approved if scheduled to be held on the dates of final exams beginning on Academic Preparation Day
  • Event details and special requirements will be provided by University Recreation on a case-by-case basis.
  • All reservations (including clean up if substantial) must end by 11:00 p.m.
  • The use of the facility is limited to RSO mission-based activities. The use of facilities for personal/family social functions such as family reunions, birthday celebrations, proms, etc. are not permitted.
  • Failure to abide by any of the rules or policies may result in the organization being denied use of the facility in the future.

  • Cancellation must be made in writing at least 5 days before an event is scheduled. Repeatedly cancelling schedule events may impact the RSO’s ability to reserve Bennett Field in the future.

  • Golfing, glass products, smoking, and smokeless tobacco are not permitted in the complex. Spikes or stakes should not be used.
  • Bikes must be placed in designated racks.
  • Vehicle traffic other than Gators/golf carts or those designed for maintenance is prohibited.
  • No open flames.
  • Confetti, water balloons, paint or other items that may damage the turf are not permitted.
  • Any person engaging in disorderly or unsportsmanlike behavior shall be removed by University Recreation staff, JSU PD, or other University officials.
  • The facility is to be used for its design. Activities deemed dangerous, improper or in violation of the intended use are prohibited. Appropriate attire is mandatory at all times.
  • Goals and other equipment may not be moved without permission of University Recreation staff.

  • Pets are not allowed. At no time may the user introduce or permit any live animal as part of any performance or event or allow any live animal access to Bennett Field without the express written consent of University Recreation and JSU.   Animals are not allowed except for those needed to assist persons who are physically disabled.

  • RSOs will be responsible for all fees associated with damaged equipment. If there is an unpaid balance for damages, the responsible organization will not be able to use facilities in the future.
  • The sponsoring organization and faculty advisor are responsible for any damage or theft of property. Damages and/losses will be charged to the sponsoring group.
  • Building and equipment used for events will be inspected for damages before and after events are held.
  • Any misuse or vandalism of Bennett Field or equipment should be reported immediately to University Recreation staff, Marching Southerners staff, or called in to JSU PD at 256-782-8888.

  • The possession or consumption of drugs and/or alcoholic beverages is prohibited. The sponsoring organization and faculty advisor are responsible for monitoring compliance.

  • All catering will be provided by Sodexo Food Service. The use of an outside caterer is prohibited.
  • Certain foods may be restricted to avoid damage to the facility.  In general food will not be allowed inside the gate or on the field except for non-alcoholic drinks in a closed container.

  • Please be courteous and place trash in appropriate containers.
  • Cleaning the facility after use is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. No equipment or supplies should be left on Bennett Field unless previously arranged during the reservation process.

  • An event needing special sound, lights or other unusual equipment may result in a fee assessed.
  • All equipment requests and set-up arrangements must be detailed in the reservation request submission to be accommodated.
  • Certain request including technology, amplified sound, and music may be restricted during operational hours if it could cause a disruption or if power is not sufficient.
  • The use of stakes to secure tents or other structures is prohibited.

  • Sponsors or their guest are not allowed to drive any private vehicles onto facility grounds at any time without expressed written permission from University Recreation personnel. All parking must be contained within designated areas.

  • It is the sponsor’s responsibility to maintain order of all people attending the event. If University Recreation personnel believe there is disorderly conduct that can result in injury to patrons, they will be required to leave the facility.
  • If University Recreation personnel determine that the event is to a certain point of disorder that could damage facilities or could result in injury, the event will be stopped.  
  • Certain events will require the group to provide insurance documentation and/or work with JSU Police.
  • All security needs must be arranged through the JSU Police department. No outside security personnel are allowed on campus without the consent of JSU Police.
  • Under no circumstances are any firearms or weapons of any kind, allowed on campus.