Student Working on ceramics

BFA Ceramics

The Studio Concentration in Ceramics at Jacksonville State University is a comprehensive

program in which students explore clay as a medium to create art in both a contemporary and

historical context. Our program focuses on building the necessary technical skills to create both

sculptural and functional ceramic pieces with an emphasis on strong form, content, and


The BFA with a concentration in ceramics prepares students to achieve their aspiration of using ceramics as their primary means of self-expression and technical achievement as a path to the student’s goals, including a continuation of study in a graduate program or a fine art studio practice.

The Ceramics Studio is housed in the Carlisle Fine Arts Facility and includes a generous

workspace for both hand building and wheel throwing classes. Our Studio features 14 pottery

wheels, a dedicated glaze lab, and a kiln room with 2 large Olympic electric kilns, 2 Skutt test

kilns, an outdoor raku kiln, and both a Bailey model FL 18c gas reduction kiln and a Bailey FL 18

Soda kiln.


  • Student working on ceramics

    Ceramics- Hand building

  • Ceramic tea set

    Korean Styke Teaset

    By Kira Thompson

  • Ceramic Sculpture

    Waist Sculpture

    By Mary Newell

  • Ceramic Teaset

    Mug and Tray Set

    By Hannah Jones

  • Ceramic Tray

    Two Headed Calf Tray

    By Kaitlyn Johnson

  • Bust Sculpture

    Bust Sculpture

    By Mary Newell