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Regular Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 am - 4 pm // Gallery Opening Events are usually 5pm-7pm

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Gallery Schedule

Spring 2022 Gallery Schedule 

January 20- February 17

Opening reception January 20, 5pm-7pm.

Hammond Hall Gallery: WORK National Juried Graphic Design Show 

Round House Gallery: TBA 

February 24- March 17

Opening reception February 24, 5pm-7pm. 

Hammond Hall Gallery: Rich Gere  

Round House Gallery: Stephanie Alaniz & Barbara Tharas   

March 31- April 14

Opening reception and awards March 31, 5pm-7pm. 

Hammond Hall Gallery: 49th Annual Juried Student Show 

Roundhouse Gallery: MFA Lulu Hamissou 

April 21- Graduation

Opening reception and student presentations April 21, 5pm-7pm. 

Hammond Hall Gallery: BFA & BA Senior Exhibition 

Round House Gallery: Tia Nichols 

Stone Center Gallery Lobby: Calhoun County Community Show 

Fall 2022 Gallery Schedule 

September 1- September 22

Opening Reception September 1, 5pm- 7pm. 

Hammond Hall Gallery: Stephen Watson 

Round House Gallery: Annette Guy 

September 29- October 20 

Show opening September 29, 5pm-7pm. 

Hammond Hall Gallery: Joli Livaudais

Round House Gallery: Chiharu Roach 

October 27- November 17 

Opening Reception October 27, 5pm-7pm. 

Hammond Hall Gallery: Annual Faculty Show  

Roundhouse Gallery: MFA Candidate Thesis Show 

December 6- Graduation 

Opening reception and student presentations December 6, 5pm-7pm.

Hammond Hall Gallery: BFA Senior Exhibition 

Round House Gallery: TBA

Women's History Month Juried Exhibition

2022 Women's History Month Juried Exhibition

Women’s History Month Exhibition: Show will have a closing reception March 31st 5pm-7pm alongside our 49th Annual Juried Student Show Opening. 

Poster of 4 female silhouettes with Women's History Month Juried Exhibition text over top

49th Annual Juried Show Entry Form


The annual Juried Student Show is a competition and exhibition that JSU art

students working at all levels and in all media are encouraged to participate. Like

most professional art and design competitions, the JSU student show is juried.

Participants must submit work and the juror, an art and design professional, decides

which pieces will be included in the show. Having work selected by the juror to be

included in the show is a significant achievement that students may add to their

resume. The exhibition offers cash & gift card awards.


Any JSU student currently enrolled this academic year (2021-2022) in a Jacksonville

State University art course may enter.

Entry Form 

WORK National Juried Student Exhibition Juried by Tommy Perez

WORK Graphic Design National Juried Student Exhibition 2022

  • Coffee Shop Rebrand including packaging, etc

    Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea Rebrand

    Katherine Arciero, Virginia Tech

  • Tags, shirts, and a logo for Olympic events

    Kuala Lumpur Olympics Branding

    Katherine Arciero, Virginia Tech

  • Logo design for Olympic event branding

    2032 Olympic Branding- Cape Town, South Africa

    Nerissa Baroni, Virginia Tech

  • Olympic event branding and logo

    Adelaide Olympic Summer Games, 2023

    Ninoska Bertran, Virginia Tech

  • Hair care magazine advertisement

    Hairfluence Ad Campaign

    Ninoska Bertran, Virginia Tech

  • Magazine spread of Jazz musicians

    Franklin Gothic, Type Specimen Book

    Marvin Brown, Recent Graduate Ithaca College

  • Website about Oreo Cookies

    The History of the Oreo: Website

    Kensley Bullins, Virginia Tech

  • Handmade Bobble Head

    Tyler Crowe Official Bobble Head

    Tyler Crowe, Jacksonville State

  • Restaurant logo, menu, and packaging

    Black Hen Restaurant Logo Design and Branding

    Danielle Daly, Virginia Tech

  • Green frog logo for sports team on jerseys and t-shirts

    Salem Toad Logo Design

    Danielle Daly, Virginia Tech

  • Sargento cheese packages


    Taylor Ellison, University of North Texas

  • Salon logo on street sign and apron

    Canary Salon Rebrand

    Rachel Furlong, University of North Texas

  • Abstract images of nature and lights

    Botanical World Photograph Series

    Sarah Gugercin, Virginia Tech

  • Home management app video

    Jingle: Home Management App

    Vivi Hong, Virginia Tech

  • Honeymoon App Walkthrough

    Honeymoon App Design

    Emma Jackson, Oklahoma State

  • Images of a book and packet

    Recess Branding & Packaging

    Emma Jackson, Oklahoma State

  • Screen print of ocean rocks

    Sea Foam Sea Stacks

    Bridger James, Southern Utah University

  • Images of student supplies and font


    Hannah Jones, Jacksonville State University

  • Olympic event branding and logo

    Toronto Olympics 2032

    Ben Kaynor, Virginia Tech

  • Hostile Terrain video project

    Hostile Terrain 94 Documentary

    Brenda Lee & Jacht Ad Agency

  • Mixed media podcast promo video

    99 Invisible- Podcast Promo

    Keith Mattix, Oklahoma State

  • Large format poster for type event


    Lisa Mines, Oklahoma State

  • Screenshots of website design

    The Terno: Behind the Iconic Silhouette

    Lisa Mines, Oklahoma State

  • Series of 5 posters. Black and white with pink accents

    Freedom at all Times Poster Series

    Riva Nayaju, Recent Grad Oklahoma State

  • Video of website advertising activities in Ohio

    Ohio, Find it Here

    Hien Phan, Recent Grad Middle Tennessee State

  • Images of a board game

    Brother of the Leaf

    Julia Pierce, Oklahoma State

  • Coffee House Packaging


    Julia Pierce, Oklahoma State

  • Video of animated abstract forms


    Rebecca Rebl, University of South Carolina

  • Walk through of mobile app about watering plants schedule

    WaterMe Mobile App

    Hannah Ryan, Texas A&M Univ Corpus Christie

  • Advertisement of hot dogs riding in pickle cars

    In a Pickle

    Courtney Saunders, Andrews University

  • Branding photos for whiskey

    Lone Hare Distillery Packaging

    Sarah Schaffer, Virginia Tech

  • Restaurant branding and packaging

    Black Hen Rebranding

    Sarah Schaffer, Virginia Tech

  • Website walk through for glass blowing website

    The Art of Glassblowing

    Sarah Schaffer, Virginia Tech

  • Illustration of a typeface where each letter looks like a mouth


    Pendley Thurmond, Jacksonville State

  • Packaging for a restaurant called Sour Do

    SourDo Food Truck Packaging

    Keely Trail, Univ of Southern Mississippi

  • Branding for arts and crafts subscription box

    Outside the Box

    Emily Weed, Oklahoma State

  • Branding packages for pie


    Emily Weed, Oklahoma State

  • Space themed Packaging for bath products that teach kids how to shower

    Space Scrub

    Emily Weed, Oklahoma State

  • Coffee Shop Packaging and Branding

    Ma'Hogany: Brunch Served with Modesty

    Lashae Whyte, Middle Tennessee State Univ

  • Poster series about suicide awareness

    The Best is Yet to Come

    Lashae Whyte, Middle Tennessee State Univ

  • Title sequence for tv show set to music

    Paris is Burning Title Sequence

    Natalie Kreidler, UNT

  • Website walkthrough for event page about a wig contest

    Wig Off Event Website

    Anthony Jackson, inkjet print on unstretched canvas, 2020

  • WORK GalleryView

    Gallery View

    Hammond Hall

COVID Creations Art Show

If you missed our COVID Juried Exhibition you can view it here.

COVID Creations Gallery