Degree Programs

Undergraduate (BFA and BA)

We offer 2 types of Undergraduate Degrees:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is a professional 122-hour advanced undergraduate curriculum with a concentration in one of six different studio areas (Graphic Design, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, and Printmaking). The 81-hour major includes 24 hours of art foundation courses, 9 hours of 300/400 level art history courses, 18 hours of studio concentration courses, 27 hours of studio electives in at least two other elective areas, and Art 488 BFA Senior Seminar. For eligibility to apply for the BFA program, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete ART 111 or 112 (Survey of Western Art 1 or 2)
  • Complete ART 134, 233, 234, and 240 (Drawing 1 and 2, Design 1 and 2)
  • Complete 12 hours of general studies curriculum
  • Have a minimum 2.50 GPA overall and a minimum 3.00 overall in the major

All potential candidates must present a portfolio of work from their courses for formal review by the Art Department faculty for approval prior to entrance to the B.F.A. program. All students accepted into the program will be reviewed for retention in the program.

Download the BFA course checklist |  Download a 4 year plan for the BFA

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts degree is a flexible 120-hour program which includes the general studies curriculum, the required Art major courses and a minor field. The BA degree program does not have an Art concentration. The major area consists of 54 hours of approved art courses including:

  • ART 111 (Survey of Western Art 1)
  • ART 112 (Survey of Western Art 2)
  • ART 134 (Drawing 1)
  • ART 233 (Design 1)
  • ART 234 (Drawing 2)
  • ART 240 (Design 2)
  • ART 499 (BA Senior Seminar)
  • 6 hours of upper level Art history
  • 27 hours of studio courses numbered 300 or above in at least 2 concentration areas

Download the BA course checklist | Download a 4 year plan for the BA

Graduate (MFA)

Master of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design

The course of study integrates both the classroom and studio in the pursuit of a terminal degree. Both of these areas are designed to assist students in developing a professional portfolio and preparing them to teach at the college level by the completion of their program. During their study they will work closely under the guidance of the faculty.

Learn More About the MFA

Download the MFA Student Handbook | Download the MFA curriculum check sheet


We offer 3 types of Minors in Art:

Art (general)

Minor in Art consists of 21 hours of approved art courses, which include ART 134, 233, 234, 240, three hours in art history (202 recommended), and six hours of studio courses numbered 300 and above.

Art History

Minor in Art History consists of 18 hours of 300-400 level classes from courses offered in art history by the Art Department. Students are encouraged to take Western Civilization and gain some experience with a foreign language. Students who wish to pursue a minor in art history should consult with the department head or art historian.


Minor in Photography consists of 21 hours of approved art courses, which include ART 242, 368, 369 or 470, 469 and nine hours of studio courses in photography numbered 300 and above. Students who wish to pursue a minor in photography should consult with the department head or a photography professor. This minor is not available to students majoring in Art.