Faculty and Staff

Christopher McCullough

Dr. Christopher J. McCollough

Department Head and Professor

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Denise Davis

Denise Davis

Administrative Assistant
(256) 782-5300

Teddi Joyce

Dr. Teddi Joyce

Associate Professor

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Patrick McGrail

Dr. J. Patrick McGrail


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Breann Murphy

Dr. Breann Murphy

Assistant Professor

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Kate Stewart

Ms. Kate Stewart

Instructor, Communication

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Ben Cunningham

Mr. Ben Cunningham

Director of Student Media

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Bobby Mikel

Mr. Bobby Mikel

Instructor, Digital Media Production

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Adjunct Faculty

Buffy Lockette

Buffy Lockette, APR

Adjunct Instructor

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Jonathan McNair

Jonathan McNair

Adjunct Instructor

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Michelle Megill

Michelle Megill

Adjunct Instructor

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LaShana Sorrell

LaShana Sorrell

Adjunct Instructor

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Howard Thomas

Howard Thomas

Adjunct Instructor

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Austin Tillison

Austin Tillison

Adjunct Instructor

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Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus status is conferred on retired faculty who exemplify the best in service during their tenure on the faculty at Jacksonville State University. The Department of Communication earned its first Emeritus faculty member in Fall 2022. 

Augustine Ihator

Dr. Augustin Ihator

Emeritus Faculty Member

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