National Accreditation


In the words of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC), “To accredit is to assure basic standards of excellence.” The Department of Communication at Jacksonville State University embraces the concept of excellence through accreditation, and we are delighted to be among the 114 journalism and mass communication (JMC) programs that are nationally accredited, and one of three JMC programs in Alabama with that distinction.

During our 2008 initial accreditation review, we passed the review with all standards in compliance, and have done so again during our 2014 re-accreditation review. Our faculty and staff—appreciative as we are—will not be lured to complacency by our success; instead, we will continue to work hard to raise the bar of excellence by providing our students with a higher quality of training.

Among its multiple positive comments in its review report is the team’s closing remark that our “. . . self-study was exceptionally well done and it was a pleasure to find materials with a minimum amount of searching.”

2013-2014 Self-Study

The ACEJMC has asked for and we granted it permission to include our 2013-2014 self-study among the samples on its website. Below and arranged in sections, is our self-study prepared by our faculty and presented to the accrediting team that reviewed our program in January, 2014.

Part I — General Information
Part II — Supplementary Information
Standard 1 — Mission, Governance and Administration
Standard 2 — Curriculum and Instruction
Standard 3 — Diversity and Inclusiveness
Standard 4 — Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty
Standard 5 — Scholarship: Research, Creative and Professional Activity
Standard 6 — Student Services
Standard 7 — Resources, Facilities and Equipment
Standard 8 — Professional and Public Service
Standard 9 — Assessment of Learning Outcomes

2013-14 Site Team Report