Industry-Current Facilities

4K Virtual Studio

In the fall of 2021, the Department of Communication launched the first 4k Virtual teaching studio in the state of Alabama. The studio and control room are outfitted to support 4K quality video and digital audio recording and production. Students in and of our concentrations now can flexibly produce live news broadcasts, entertainment content, or commercials for advertising or public relations projects. The redesign of the space is intended to better align with the versatility and growing integration of practices in professional communication.
Self Hall studio

Expanded Student Media Equipment Check Out

In the summer of 2021, the Department of Communication expanded their camera and audio recording inventory from 6 camera kits to 25 4K compatible camera kits, complete with support equipment for digital audio recording, LED lighting, and short- and long-range lenses. The department’s investment in the kits reflects an identified need to better facilitate students across all three concentrations being able to work in the field in producing content for projects across our curriculum.
student being filmed in studio

Renovated Apple Lab for Writing and Media Production

In the fall of 2021, the Department of Communication relaunched their compute lab in Self 184 with 25 apple processors, 32” 4K monitors for editing, and a complete compliment of Adobe Suite software to facilitate video and audio editing, as well as page layout and photo editing capabilities. In terms of audio and visual support for instruction, the room is now outfitted with 4 4K monitors to facilitate student review of video productions completed on our updated equipment and in our new studio.
Editing Bays