Get Involved

International Student Life:

International Student Organization: International Students are active members of the International Student Organization (ISO). ISO provides a platform for international students to be creative with organizing activities on campus. As an ambassador for one's unique culture, each ISO member holds the responsibility of educating the campus community and Calhoun county community about their respective cultures.

International Students have several opportunities to get involved on campus. It is strongly recommended that they take these opportunities to enhance their learning skills and self-confidence. International Students are recommended to get involved in different student organizations on campus.

International Students should also take the initiative to be involved with the Student Government Association, which represents the voice of different student groups on campus. For more information, visit the SGA website.

Community Partnership:

International Friends program invites all of our campus community and Calhoun community members to get involved with the International House & Programs. JSU has a rich history of international students coming from all over the world. Currently, we have 40+ different countries represented on campus. JSU students deserve to experience the diverse culture and enhance their learning about differences and similarities among the diverse culture. Likewise, international students come to JSU not only to get a degree but to experience American culture and improve their English Language skills. Through this program, we attempt to provide students with the best possible experiences and memories.

International Friends program will enable the International House & Programs to work with faculties, staff at JSU, different church groups, or any other volunteers in the community who are willing to assist and establish a relationship with international students via a program such as a host family, transportation assistance, picnic, etc. Our office would be the point of contact and facilitate each party with the required information.

Some of the activities volunteers and students can sign up for are:

  • Host Family (taking students out for shopping, meal or, providing homestay options)
  • Airport transportation
  • Family Picnic
  • Movies
  • Family Game night
  • Dinner/Lunch
  • Watch games/sports
  • Trips
  • Others 

To volunteer, we request the interested member to complete the International Friend Program Form.