Meet Our Students

ISO Officers

International Student Organization: International Students are active members of the International Student Organization (ISO). ISO provides a platform for international students to be creative with organizing activities on campus. As an ambassador for one's unique culture, each ISO member holds the responsibility of educating the campus community and Calhoun county community about their respective cultures.

Meet our ISO Officers for 2022-2023

  • Bless Vincent (United States) - President
  • Christian Strachan (the Bahamas)-Vice President of Activities
  • Nancy Nunez (United States)-Vice President of Marketing
  • Emily Mims (United States)- Secretary
  • Jeren Tolegova (Turkmenistan)-Treasurer
  • Sarah Packard (United States) - Public Relations Coordinator

If you want to be connected with any of our ISO officers, please email or connect with them on social media: Instagram: jsu.iso Facebook: