First-Year Room Selection

Room Selection Process: April 8-30, 2024

Welcome home to Jacksonville State University! If you will be a first-year student next fall (2024-2025 academic year), this information is for you!

During the online Room Selection Process you will choose your residence hall and room. Read below for step-by-step directions before or while you select your space.

Roommate Information

Roommate assignment is done one of three ways.

  1. You may request a specific roommate when you apply for housing.
  2. If no roommate is requested, one will either be assigned to you using the roommate preference questions on the application or another student will self select the open space in your assignment.
  3. You may also search for a roommate using the RoomSync app. You can find the RoomSync app link on your First-Year Resident Application or New Transfer-New Upper-Class Resident Application on THD Self Service under Room & Roommate Selection. Once you have matched with your roommate on RoomSync, you will need to make your request official by requesting your roommate through THD Self Service.

*You will not be considered a match unless you are mutually requested in THD Self Service. 

If you have a roommate preference, you and your preferred roommate will need to:

  •  Apply and request each other by April 1.
  •  Both applications and application fees must be submitted online before April 1.
  •  Make sure you are both registered for Gamecock Orientation by April 1 so you will be eligible to select a room. 

If we are unable to place you with your preferred roommate, you may:

  • Choose a new roommate.
  • Request a room change through Roompact during move-in weekend. If approved, you will be able to move the third full week of classes. 
  • Check with your Residence Life Coordinator about the proper procedure and necessary forms.

*Your request may not be granted if space is not available.

Beginning around May 15, you will receive an e-mail to your JSU account that will contain information to make a smooth transition to on-campus living, as well as your assigned room. It will also include your roommate's name and contact information. You may also view your room assignment and roommate information on THD Self Service after selection is completed.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Requesting and Accepting a Roommate

Roommate FAQs

Yes, you will only see spaces that accommodate two or four people, depending on your hall selection. Meehan Hall and North Village are the only halls where four students can live together; all other halls offer two-person assignments. 

When one matched roommate selects a room, the other matched roommate is automatically assigned. To have the best opportunity to select the desired location, the roommate with the earliest selection time should log in and select a room.

Click on "Room Selection" and "Select Roommates." Make sure the term is Fall 2024. Click Roommate Requests, then click the three dots on the left by the student's name. Click the trashcan to delete the roommate requests. Once you do this, you will be able to see all spaces that have at least one open bed under Select a Room/Suite. 

More than half of our first-year students room with someone new! Your roommate's assignment could happen at various times. A person could select your room during the room self-selection process, which is April 8-30, 2024. Or you could get a roommate assigned much later in the spring or summer. Note that you will not receive an email notifying you that someone has selected your space, so keep checking back on your THD Self Service to see if you have a roommate.

If you are selecting a space on your own (and you do not have a roommate matched), you are only selecting the bed, not the entire space. If you select one bed space in a room, someone else will be able to select the other bed.

No, you will both need to mutually request each other on THD Self Service. Then one of you, whoever has the earliest designated start time, will select your room.

Maybe, but we cannot guarantee this option. Contact us at to learn more. 

You will not be able to see the student’s name or contact information until you have selected the space. Likewise, if you select a room, other people searching will only see that one space of the double room has been filled but will not know your information unless they choose to live in that space.

Designated Room Selection Time

The room self-selection process will take place April 8-30, 2024. Many students will be participating, and each one will be given a specific start time (based on application submission time), after which they will be able to log in and participate.

Your room selection time will be viewable on THD Self Service. Times are listed in CST. 

Note that you do not have to select your space at the exact time you are given; it is simply the earliest time you will be able to log in and participate. The longer you wait, however, fewer options may be available. Selection times are determined by the date housing applications are received. If you do not select your space by the end of the selection period, your space will be assigned to you by the Office of Housing Operations and Residence Life (HRL). We recommend students have a back-up plan if their preferred space is not available. 

Selection Time FAQs

As students submit their residence hall applications online, they are automatically given the next available space for a room selection time and date.  The first selection start time is Monday, April 8 at 9:00 a.m.  Each person thereafter is spaced one minute after the student in front of them, with the last selection time being at 4:00 p.m.  The start times pick up the following days from 9:00 a.m until 4:00 p.m., until all selection times have passed.  

Your room selection date and time will be viewable on THD Self Service.

Remember, you may select your room any time after your designated time arrives.* If you are in class, at practice, at work, etc. when your designated time arrives, you may make your selection later in the day (or later in the week).  It is important to remember, though, that the longer you wait to select your room, the fewer options you will have. *Please note that if you do not self-select your space by the end of the selection period, HRL will assign a space for you.

The room selection schedule was chosen in order to give HRL staff the best opportunity to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise. By having selection times that begin after the work day has started, we can have staff available to answer phone calls or emails as needed. Additionally, whether the selection times were during the day, at night, or over the weekend, it would be impossible to find a convenient time for all students involved in the process. By offering daytime/weekday hours, we will have the best opportunity to provide needed customer service to you.

Hall and Room Selection Process

Once your designated room selection time arrives, log onto THD Self Service and click on "Room Selection." Search available halls and assign yourself (and your roommate, if applicable) to the room of your choice. View the step-by-step instructions and screenshots below.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Selecting a Room

Selection Process FAQs

If you are unable to find any rooms in your preferred hall, it is because one of two things has happened. Either there are no more bed spaces available, or the number of spaces available is not sufficient to accommodate you and your roommate. For example, if you are planning to be roommates with another person, the system will only show rooms that have at least two available beds. If the remaining rooms in your preferred hall only have one bed available, you will not see them unless you drop your roommate. We recommend students have a back up plan and another hall to search in if spaces are not available in your preferred hall. 

You cannot go back in and make a change. Please contact HRL at or (256)782-5122 for assistance in making the change.

Students who have been accepted into a living-learning community for a will be notified by March 1, 2024, and will be assigned a space by HRL. Those who are not selected due to lack of eligibility or lack of space, will be notified via email by March 1, and will be asked to participate in the room self-selection process. If you have not been notified yet, select a room during the selection process and if accepted, HRL will reassign you to the living-learning community.

Those in the categories listed may not need to participate in the room selection process for first-year students. Those who are invited to live in a living-learning community will be assigned to that location by HRL staff. Athletes will also be assigned by HRL, in consultation with coaches. You will need to check with your coach to determine if you need to select an assignment or if the HRL Office will assign you to an athletic space. Students needing ADA accommodations should work with staff in Disability Resources, (256) 782-8380. Staff in that office will notify HRL of the needed accommodation, and an appropriate assignment will be made.

Every hall has its own unique features and amenities that make it “the best.” Every hall will offer an amazing first-year living experience. Visit our social media accounts @JSUHousing to learn more about our first-year student rooms.

Visit the Communities - Residence Halls page for descriptions of each building, photos, room diagrams, and more.

On THD Self Service, once you select a particular hall, you will see the list of available rooms. The room type will show and the number of available spot in the room. The room type definitions can be found in the chart below to help guide you as you select a room. 

Room Type Definition

Crow Hall Double Occupancy Room


Curtiss Hall Double Occupancy Room


Dixon Hall Double Occupancy Room


Fitzpatrick Double Occupancy Room


Logan Hall Double Occupancy Room


Meehan Hall Efficiency Unit


Meehan Hall Concourse Room


Meehan Hall Pod Room


Meehan Hall Pod D Room


Patterson Hall Double Occupancy Room


Sparkman Hall Room