Moving Out

Daugette Hall exterior view from Quad

All move outs must be completed by an RA, ARLC, or RLC in your area, you must have your room inspected and return your key to avoid improper check-out charges on your student account. Any damages to the unit will be charged to your student account. Listed below are different move-out procedures. Each situation is unique. Please contact our office for questions to ensure your understanding of this process and any applicable charges that may apply. 

  • You will need to withdraw from classes through MyJSU. More information can be found online through the Registrar's Office
  • You will need to provide proof that you are no longer in classes. The Registrar's Office is able to provide proof, and it must contain your name and student ID number to verify your withdrawal. 

If you withdraw from classes after the semester has begun, refunds are processed in accordance with tuition refunds based on the Academic Calendar.  Residents who withdraw must immediately notify the Office of Housing Operations and Residence Life. Residents are required to properly vacate their housing assignment within 24 hours of the withdrawal. Residents who fail to properly vacate within the allotted 24 hours are subject to a $50 per day hold-over charge up to the total cost for the semester or term.

If you are being evicted you must move out before the date listed on your eviction notice. If you have a balance on your account, and/or are not registered in classes, you will need to move out according to the instructions on your eviction notice. If you feel you are able to pay down your balance or register for classes, you will need to speak with Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and/or the Registrar's Office because you may have more options at your disposal to stay enrolled and satisfy your balance. 

You will need to provide the Office of Housing Operations and Residence Life a letter from your advisor verifying your reason for living off campus.

You will need to provide the Office of Housing Operations and Residence Life a copy of your marriage certificate.

Should you graduate before your housing lease agreement is over, you will need to register for graduation by the appropriate deadline. More information can be found on the Academic Calendar. You will also need to submit the Intent to Vacate form on Roompact.

Please speak with Disability Resources. You may have other options than to move out.
If you are wanting to move out due to a reason that is not listed above, please contact the Office of Housing Operations and Residence Life. Visit our Contact Us page to ask us questions, find our phone number, email, and our social media platforms!