A Guide for Online Students

Online Learning at Jacksonville State University is defined as instruction which has zero face-face sessions. All activities are delivered via electronic (online) format. An online course is web-based where interactions with student and the instructor is often through discussion boards, email and other various digital tools. The course materials and activities are delivered using a Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas.  Exams and other assessments may be completed online, with online proctoring tools, while some professors may require students to take proctored exams at approved testing centers. Online learning provides students with freedom and flexibility, but it also requires students to be self-motivating. Some courses are focused and self-paced while others are more interactive with other course participants. Each course has a syllabus and schedule where professors clarify course requirements such as course topics, dates for exams and quizzes, assignments and other activities.

Discover more about the online learning experience at JSU. Complete the New Online Student Orientation. (Temporarily off-line for updating.)

Canvas and Other Educational Technology - Online@JSU: Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time; online@jsu.edu   or (256) 782-8172.

Canvas - Help resources available inside the Canvas LMS in the global navigation Help menu (Live Chat, Web Form, Self-Help Guides, and Phone - 877-404-2235)

eMail, MyJSU, etc.- Information Technology or (256) 782-8324

Other Help Resources

Stay connected with Announcements, Tips, and Suggestions.

You will use the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) for your JSU online course(s). From within Canvas there are many resources and much information to help you learn to use Canvas and other technology for your courses.

Login info - Go to the Canvas Access page.

To find your JSU email address and lemail ogin credentials, contact Information Technology Help Desk at (256) 782-8324

For assistance, click the Help link inside Canvas or contact online@jsu.edu or (256) 782-8172.

eMail- Login at http://gem.jsu.edu/

eMail Help

JSU email is referred to as GEM. You will receive a GEM account as part of the application process. If you do not know your GEM account information, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at (256) 782-5201 or techcenter@jsu.edu.

Office 365 (Word, PowerPoint, and More)

Each student at JSU has access to Microsoft Office and many other tools. These services are part of the GEM email account. Office is available online and as a download to personal devices. OneDrive is included and offers students an excellent place to back-up and store university-related files.


Many services such as registration, course schedule, email, and other technology may be accessed via https://my.jsu.edu/. Login with your ID (first part of email address) and your current or default password.

For the best course experience within Canvas and other technology, you need to have access to a minimum amount of technology. Each system has certain requirements. Additionally, your specific course may have further technology requirements. Check with your instructor for course specific needs.

Distance education students, if you are planning to attend any JSU sporting events, you will need a student ID card. To obtain a student ID card for this or any other purpose, please complete the Online@JSU Student ID Request Form.

If you have questions, please contact us at online@jsu.edu .

Textbooks may be ordered online from the JSU bookstore at their online site (JSU Bookstore).  Textbooks may also be ordered by phone, mail, and in person.  eBook versions of textbooks may be available for some courses from within the Canvas LMS.

Textbook buyback days are scheduled for the week of finals at the end of Fall, Spring, and Summer II semesters.

Call JSU Bookstore- (256) 782-5283 or toll free at 1-800-231-5291 (ask for bookstore)
Website- http://jsu.bncollege.com
Location- Theron Montgomery Building, second floor

Tutoring services at Jacksonville State University models high-quality, effective academic skills, provide content-specific supplemental instruction, and create a connection to the institution. A tutor's goal is to help students LEARN to help themselves and to assist or guide students to the point at which they become independent learner. Tutoring is available for any JSU student for most core courses. Tutoring is FREE as long as you are a JSU student. Requests for tutoring can be made in person at ACE in person or through the GradesFirst website.

Call Academic Center for Excellence- (256) 782-8223
Request a Tutor
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/student-success/support/tutoring
Location- Theron Montgomery Building, third floor

The Office of Academic Advising provides assistance to undergraduate students who are either undecided in their major or are not served by a college. Students with a declared major are advised within that department.

Call Academic Advising- (256) 782-8303
Contact Academic Advising
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/academicaffairs/advisement
Location- 201 Bibb Graves Hall

Academic Calendar

In your online courses, you may be use numerous options for completing tests and assessments. Check with your instructor for testing requirements.

Online proctoring - Your professor may require you to use Honorlock, JSU's online remote proctoring service.  There is a small fee per course for this service which covers all quizzes/tests/exams in that course for an entire term.  For pricing and other information, go to the Honorlock information page where you may also complete a practice Honorlock quiz.

Campus Service - (when appropriate):  JSU Testing Center- (256) 782-5475, email JSU Testing Center- jnix@jsu.edu, Website- http://www.jsu.edu/ccservices/tests.html, Location- 140 Daugette Hall

The Houston Cole Library offers a number of services to the JSU community. Many library services are available online.

JSU online students also have access to the he Alabama Virtual Library which provides online access to essential library and information resources. It is primarily a group of online databases that have magazine, journal, and newspaper articles for research. Access the AVL at http://www.avl.lib.al.us/ For information on accessing the AVL from outside Alabama, see AVL Connection Information

Call JSU Library- (256) 782-5758
email Library- ask@jsu.libanswers.com 
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/library
Location- Houston Cole Library

As a JSU Online student, you have access to all services and events as all JSU students. In order to attend events or utilize some on-campus services, you will need a student ID. For information on receiving an ID, see Student ID Card.

Student Life organizes events and student organizations, and the Chanticleer is a great source of information for campus events and news.

Complete an application for undergraduate or graduate admissions. Once you are accepted to JSU, please review the Academic Advisement site for requirements. The academic calendar includes registration schedules, semester schedules and other information. (Distance education courses follow the same calendar as regular on-campus classes).

Call Financial Aid- (256) 782-5268 (undergraduate) or 5348 (graduate)
email Admissions- info@jsu.edu (undergraduate) or graduate@jsu.edu  (graduate)
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/undergraduate and http://www.jsu.edu/graduate
Location- 110 Bibb Graves Hall (undergraduate) or 320 Bibb Graves Hall (The Graduate School)

Career Services

JSU career services assists students in preparing for the workplace. Services include job postings, resume critiques, and mock interviews.

Call Counseling Services- (256) 782-5482
Contact Career Services
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/careerservices
Location- 207 Merrill Hall

Costs and Fee Payment

Tuition and fees maybe different for online classes. Check the current rates at tuition, fees, etc. For more information, contact the Bursar's office.

Call Bursar's Office- (256) 782-5458
Contact Bursar
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/bursar/
Location- 245 Bibb Graves Hall

Counseling Services

Counseling is available for JSU students, faculty, and staff. Individuals can call to make an appointment or fill out our Request for Service form.

Call Counseling Services- (256) 782-5475
Contact Counseling Services
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/ccservices
Location- 140 Daugette Hall

Disability Support

The mission of Disability Support Services (DSS) is to facilitate appropriate and reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.

Call Disability Support- 256-782-8380
Contact Disability Support
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/dss
Location- 139 Daugette Hall

Financial Aid

Most students receive some form of financial aid. The Office of Financial Aid will assist you with any concerns or questions you may have about the financial aid process. See the Financial Aid  FAQ Hints page for question which have been answered.

Call Financial Aid- (256) 782-5006
Contact Financial Aid
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/finaid
Location- 107 Bibb Graves Hall

Military and Veterans

The Veterans Affairs office assists veterans and their dependents with receiving benefits under various federal and state programs. This office ensures that proper paperwork is completed, certified, and filed with the VA so that payment dispersal can begin.

Call Veterans Affairs- 256-782-5006
email Veterans Affairs- veteransaffairs@jsu.edu 
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/finaid/veteransaffairs/
Location- 105 Bibb Graves Hall


You may register online through the MyJSU portal system. Go to the Registration Information page for the most recent information regarding online registration.

Registration Related Forms

Call The Registrar's Office- (256) 782-5400
Contact The Registrar's Office
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/registrar
Location- 113 Bibb Graves Hall

Student Life

Call Student Life- (256) 782-5491
Contact Student Life
Website- http://www.jsu.edu/studentlife
Location- 402 Theron Montgomery Building

You may register through the MyJSU portal system. Go to the Registration Information page for the most recent information regarding online registration.

To find online courses, go to the Interactive Class Schedule. After selecting the appropriate semester, search for online courses by choosing "Online 100% online" as the Schedule Type. Choose any other search parameters. Submit your search.