Web Services Ticket

Update Aug 11, 2023:

We are handling all web changes for the campus at the moment, so if a project or update can wait a few weeks, please hold off on submitting changes until we can get our users trained on the new system.

We are addressing incoming Web Service Tickets by completing the ones that can be completed in a shorter amount of time first so that we have more available time to devote to lengthy requests.

We will have training sessions in the new few weeks and there will be a lot to cover.  The new system is very different than the old Cascade - lots of improvements and changes.

Thank you for your understanding.

Chris, Angie, and Kate

Request updates/modifications to JSU website content

Any work done by Web Services staff must have a ticket; no exceptions. Direct e-mail requests sent to individual or all Web Services staff will not be completed until a ticket is submitted.

  • Proper documentation is needed for any updates/modifications to JSU web content
  • All related information, including content and attachments, must be included in the ticket; do not mail it separately.
  • Additional requests/revisions would require submitting a new ticket
  • Allow for enough time for us to complete your request.  We are fast, but other tickets are also in the queue.

Note: All files related to this request must be attached to this specific work ticket.
Separate emails with files will not connect your files to this request. Multiple files can be zipped into a single Zip folder or you can drop the folder into OneDrive and share the link.

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