Welcome Music Graduate

The David L. Walters Department of Music at Jacksonville State University seeks to provide professional training and promote scholarship among students in the discipline of music.  Course offerings lead to the Master of Arts in Music with either a Music Education or General Music Concentration.  Students choose between an instrumental or vocal/choral program of study, and engage in activities that nourish both broad and specific educational needs. With a flexible course schedule that provides both evening and summer classes, the JSU Music Department makes a commitment to serve the regional educational community, and helps foster and preserve a high level of musical instruction.  A fully-accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music, the music department offers graduate instruction by highly-qualified faculty members with significant professional experience.  Small classes and many opportunities for one-on-one instruction create a comfortable and stimulating educational environment.
We invite you to schedule a visit to campus or contact us with any questions, and look forward to helping you further your career in music.

Master of Arts in Music

The graduate music programs at Jacksonville State University are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

* Fulfills the requirements for the professional certificate to teach music in Alabama public schools on both the elementary and secondary levels.
** Requires a non-music minor.

GRADUATE TIMELINE (Important Information):

1. Complete the Graduate Application for Admission.

2. Complete the Graduate Application for Music Study.

3. Submit the Graduate Application for Assistantships, if desired – due February 1st for Fall Semester.

4. Take the Graduate Music Diagnostic Exam – Fall Semester.

5. Take the Graduate Music Diagnostic Exam – Spring Semester.

6. Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Jeremy Benson, Graduate Studies Advisor, for Advisement before registering for classes (JLBenson@jsu.edu).

7. Complete Graduate Application for Comprehensive Exam/Degree.


8. Submit Final Semester Plan after the completion of 26 credit hours.

    • August 30 for Fall Graduation
    • TBD for Spring Graduation
    • TBD for Summer Graduation

9. Take Written Comprehensive Exam:
     Fall: Schedule the week of October 24, 2022 
     Spring: Schedule the week of March 13, 2023

  • PART I Music Theory and Music History
  • PART II Education and Research Methods, Music History and/or Area of Specialization

10. Take Oral Comprehensive Exam – Individually scheduled with candidate's committee members.
      Fall: Week of November 14, 2022;  Spring: Week of April 10, 2023