Alumni Hall of Fame

Nominations are now open for the 2023 College of Education and Professional Studies Alumni Hall of Fame. Nominees must be a graduate of a Jacksonville State University College of Education and Professional Studies program area. Those include:

Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education
Secondary Education
Physical Education 
Special Education
Reading Education
Family & Consumer Sciences
Fashion Merchandising
Hospitality & Culinary
Music Education
Business Education
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
School Counseling
Instructional Technology
Library Media
Instructional Leadership
Child Development
Human Sciences
Community Nutrition

Nominees must have at least five years experience in the program area in which they are nominated. Nominees should exhibit excellence in the field and contributions to the field through community service, innovative applications, and dedication to those they serve. Examples of those activities should be included in the nomination.


Nominations will be accepted through March 1, 2023. 

2022 CEPS Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

Mrs. Leslie Salter

Mrs. Leslie Salter - Physical Education
Accepting on behalf of Mrs. Salter is Mrs. Lori Cochran, PE faculty member

Ms. Sandra Prickett
Ms. Sandra Prickett - Elementary Education
Family of Curtis Burttram

Mr. Curtis Burttram - Music Education
Accepting on behalf of Mr. Burttram are family members

Mr. Adam Goosby
Mr. Adam Goosby - Secondary Education
Mrs. Thompson
Mrs. Anjuli Thompson - Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Mr. Todd Alexander

Mr. Todd Alexander - Instructional Technology
Accepting on behalf of Mr. Alexander is Dr. Wendy Stephens

Mr. Lamar Bradford
Mr. Lamar Bradford - Special Education
Dr. Jane Cobia
Dr. Jane Cobia - Family & Consumer Sciences Education
Ms. Tiffany Moore
Ms. Tiffany Moore - Dietetics
Ms. Vickie Ray
Ms. Vickie Ray - School Counseling
Mr. Bobby Tittle
Mr. Bobby Tittle - Instructional Leadership
Ms. Susan Wills
Ms. Susan Wills - Library Media
Dr. Don Killingsworth
President Don Killingsworth - Honorary Award in Education

Scottish Rite Award Winners for Excellence in Teaching

Mr. Lamar Bradford
Mr. Adam Goosby
Mrs. Leslie Salter

2022 CEPS Alumni Hall of Fame Nominees

Mrs. Gillam
Mrs. Robin Coplin Gillam - Secondary Education nominee
Ms. Langley
Ms. Sandra Langley - Secondary Education nominee
Ms. Williams
Ms. Valerie Williams - Secondary Education nominee
Ms. Lloyd
Ms. Kelli Llyod - Secondary Education nominee
Ms. Lambert
Ms. Charissa Lambert - Secondary Education nominee
Ms. Maness
Ms. Sharon Maness - Instructional Leadership nominee
Mr. Howard
Mr. Christopher Howard - Instructional Leadership nominee
Mr. Cash
Mr. Taylor Cash - Music Education nominee
Ms. Fleming
Ms. Carla B. Fleming - Family & Consumer Sciences nominee

It was necessary to skip the 2021 induction due to the COVID19 pandemic.

2020 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

Dr. Jason Barnett, Instructional Leadership
Dr. Nancy Fox, School Counseling
Mrs. Kim Wilson, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Ms. Julie Payne, Library Media
Mr. Corey Cochran, Instructional Technology
Dr. Debra Goodwin, Dietetics
Ms. Maisie Diamond, Family & Consumer Sciences Education
Dr. Chris Lindley, Music Education
Mr. Mitchell McKay, Secondary Education
Ms. Rita Price, Elementary Education
Ms. Beth Rigsby, Early Childhood Education
Ms. Rebecca Crawford, Special Education
Mr. Chris Weaver, Physical Education
Mrs. Kitty Stone, Posthumous Award in Education

Scottish Rite Award Winners for Excellence in Teaching

Mrs. Maisie Diamond
Mrs. Rita Price
Mr. Mitchell McKay

2019 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

Linda Johnston, Special Education
Cara Whitehead, Early Childhood Education
Ashley Williamson, Elementary Education
Kristie R. Barnett, Library Media
Jennifer Donahoo, Teacher Leader
Jennifer Foster, Instructional Technology
Reggie Parker, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Deidra Robinson, School Counseling
Courtney Wilburn, Instructional Leadership
Merri Blankenship, Family & Consumer Sciences
Jada Murray, Dietetics
Ken Bodiford, Music Education
Caleb Hays, Physical Education
Eric Mackey, Secondary Education
Nia Stivers, Secondary Education

Scottish Rite Awards for Excellence in Education:

Nia Stivers
Merri Blankenship
Ashley Williamson

A 50 Year History of the Jacksonville State University Teacher Hall of Fame

In 1969, Jacksonville State University initiated a Teacher Hall of Fame under the direction of Dr. Houston Cole, who was president at that time. This program was to honor and to recognize the classroom teachers of the public schools in the State of Alabama. No preference was given to nominees that may have attended Jacksonville State University. They must have maintained exemplary standards of behavior and ethics, exhibited leadership, been enthusiastic about teaching, demonstrated competency in subject matter, worked well with colleagues and administrators, and constantly sought to encourage, inspire and motivate students toward greater accomplishment.

In 2019, the JSU Teacher Hall of Fame was replaced by the Education Alumni Hall of Fame to honor Jacksonville State University graduates in all program areas offered by the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Past Inductees, JSU Teacher Hall of Fame

Elementary School Inductees of the JSU Teacher Hall of Fame

Name School Year
Ms. Jessie Freeman Tuscaloosa County 1969-70
Ms. Mary H. Barron Tallapoosa County 1970-71
Ms. Ethel McDonald Huntsville City 1971-72
Ms. Mamie Dothard Talladega County 1972-73
Ms. Eugenia Shurbert Birmingham City 1973-74
Ms. Linnell Orr Morgan County 1974-75
Ms. Vera Hitson Tuscaloosa City 1975-76
Sister Adrean McLean Cullman City 1976-77
Ms. Marie K. Freeman Cullman City 1977-78
Ms. Margie Wingard Sylacauga City 1978-79
Ms. Hazel R. Buckner Enterprise City 1979-80
Mr. Marlin Raney Cullman City 1980-81
Ms. Onita Archie Coffee County 1981-82
Ms. Mary Ann Blackmon Tuscaloosa City 1982-83
Ms. Brenda Weakley Enterprise City 1983-84
Ms. Jenny Moore Calhoun County 1984-85
Ms. Virginia B. MacRae Calhoun County 1985-86
Mr. David Shockley Etowah County 1986-87
Ms. Celina Costa Birmingham City 1987-88
Ms. Miria K. King-Garner Etowah County 1988-89
Mr. Ray Allen Landers Attalla City 1989-90
Ms. Jane Burdeshaw Montgomery County 1990-91
Ms. Leslie Black Tuscaloosa City 1991-92
Ms. Mildred S. Woods Talladega City 1992-93
Ms. Joan Smithey Dawson Jefferson County 1993-94
Ms. Lora Venita Chatmon Calhoun County 1994-95
Ms. Margaret Taylor Cherry Talladega County 1995-96
Ms. Rebecca McKay Oxford City 1996-97
Ms. Gwen J. McCorquodale Hoover City 1997-98
Ms. Rebecca Graf Shelby County 1998-99
Ms. Ramona Hall Albertville City 1999-2000
Mr. Billy Jenkins Etowah County 2000-2001
Ms. Faith Murphy Roberts Mobile County 2001-2002
Ms. Aleisha Darlene Blevins Jacksonville City 2002-2003
Ms. Wanda Meadows Pollard Albertville City 2003-2004
Ms. Linda T. Johnson Blount County 2004-2005
Ms. Celeste Weaver Cullman County 2005-2006
Ms. Ellan Deinlein Hoover City Schools 2006-2007
Ms. Beverly Rader Eufala City Schools 2007-2008
Ms. Sabrina Lynch Shelby County Schools 2008-2009
Ms. Mary White Anniston City Schools 2009-2010
Ms. Deborah Blalock Hoover City Schools 2010-2011
Ms. Katie Oliver Jasper City Schools 2011-2012
Ms. Tracey Pruitt Dothan City Schools 2012-2013
Ms. Tammy Davis Oxford City Schools 2013-2014
Ms. Jacqueline Pierce Butler County Schools 2014-2015
Mrs. Traci Ingleright Gwin Elementary Schools 2015-2016
Mrs. Jeri-Lynn Martin Alexander City Schools 2016-2017
Mrs. Geri Evans Hoover City Schools 2017-2018

Name School Year
Ms. Sally Jane York Guntersville City 1997-98
Ms. Susan Humphries Albertville City 1998-99
Ms. Deborah Camp Hoover City Schools 1999-2000
Ms. Nancy Adams Waldrop Albertville City 2000-2001
Ms. Kimberly Anne Bain Hoover City Schools 2001-2002
Ms. Carol Lollar Hoover City 2002-2003
Mr. Gary Black Shelby County 2003-2004
Ms. Kim Yarboro Hoover City Schools 2004-2005
Ms. June S. Glenn Hoover City Schools 2005-2006
Mr. Jeffery Richardson Hoover City Schools 2006-2007
Mr. Jeff Denny Shelby County Schools 2007-2008
Ms. Dihani Uswatte, Hoover City Schools 2008-2009
Ms. Anita Isreal Hoover City Schools 2009-2010
Ms. Patricia Cook Butler County Schools 2010-2011
Ms. Kathrine Pickens Butler County Schools 2011-2012
Mr. Philip Jenkins Talladega County Schools 2012-2013
Ms. Laurie Brasher Pell City Schools 2013-2014
Ms. Johanna Morgan Talladega County Schools 2014-2015
Mrs. Marva Raby Hoover City Schools 2015-2016
Ms. Thomasena Garner Madison City Schools 2016-2017
Dr. James Wilder, III St. Clair County Schools 2017-2018

Name School Year
Ms. Dora Gene Hill Gadsden City 1969-70
Ms. Dody Jennings Piedmont City 1970-71
Ms. Ruth Brown Oxford City 1971-72
Ms. Martha Taylor Haleyville City 1972-73
Ms. Kathryn Reeder Enterprise City 1973-74
Ms. Myra Wilson Pike County 1974-75
Ms. Sallie B. Cook Tuscaloosa County 1975-76
Ms. Dora Perryman Sylacauga City 1976-77
Ms. Rossie Cofield Randolph County 1977-78
Mr. Edwin R. Watkins Tallassee City 1978-79
Ms. Fay Simpkins Sylacauga City 1979-80
Mr. William Merriweather, Jr. Birmingham City 1980-81
Ms. Annie Evelyn Nichols Bibb County 1981-82
Ms. Martha Gallo Daleville City 1982-83
Ms. Charlotte Holley Attalla City 1983-84
Ms. Mary B. Starke Russell County 1984-85
Mr. Joseph L. Parish Geneva City 1985-86
Ms. Suzanne P. Smith Sylacauga City 1986-87
Mr. Paul Joseph Allred Jacksonville County 1987-88
Mr. David Patterson Jackson County 1988-89
Ms. Nancy C. Horton Cullman County 1989-90
Ms. M. Jennie McConnell Montgomery City 1990-91
Ms. Laurie Bauer Tuscaloosa County 1991-92
Ms. Gennette F. Meeks Walker County 1992-93
Mr. Robert Stephen Ricks Talladega County 1993-94
Ms. Linda Rourke McAdam Talladega County 1994-95
Ms. Lue Ruth Colvin Bessemer City 1995-96
Ms. Pamela Henson Baldwin County 1996-97
Ms. Desiree V. Bishop Mobile County 1997-98
Mr. Anthony Walker Shelby County 1998-99
Ms. Pamela Inmon Jacksonville City 1999-2000
Ms. Patricia Powell-McCullers Monroe County 2000-2001
Ms. Carolyn Harris Serviss Calhoun County 2001-2002
Ms. Yvonne Reed Matthews Mobile County 2002-2003
Ms. Earnestine Calhoun Giles Tuscaloosa County 2003-2004
Ms. Deannia Smith Oxford City Schools 2004-2005
Mr. Stoney M. Beavers Blount County Schools 2005-2006
Ms. Patsy Lowrey Tuscaloosa City Schools 2006-2007
Ms. Shelia Remington Tuscaloosa City Schools 2007-2008
Ms. Kina Teaford Calhoun County Schools 2008-2009
Ms. Amber Barnes Tuscaloosa County 2009-2010
Ms. Scottie Wilson Hoover City 2010-2011
Ms. Stephanie Mathews Calhoun County Schools 2011-2012
Ms. Barbie Nelson Dothan City Schools 2012-2013
Ms. Amanda Beason Leeds City Schools 2013-2014
Dr. Pamela Harmon Hoover City Schools 2014-2015
Mr. Ruben Mitchell Anniston City Schools 2015-2016
Mrs. Dawn Howard Shelby County Schools 2016-2017
Mrs. Nefertiti LeBeaux Talladega County Schools 2017-2018