Request Copies of Documentation

The documentation and information provided to our office is treated with strict confidentiality and are protected as such. The Office of Disability Resources recognizes there are times where you may need to request copies of your documentation. This is usually requested by student who are seeking accommodation on standardized exams outside of their academic programs or if the student is moving to another university for an advanced degree. Disability Resources will release documentation to you based on the following criteria as long as your identity can be confirmed:

  • The request is for records currently maintained (e.g., documentation of their diagnosis/disability). The office stores records up to five years following your last contact with our office.
  • We are not able to fax, email, or otherwise send the requested documentation to a third party (i.e., clinicians, or other university or educational program) without a signed release. We may ask the receiving party to verify their identity before the requested information is sent.
  • You must request the documentation at least five (5) business days in advance. Please note that these are days where the university is open and does not include university approved holidays and breaks.
  • Note: If you forward your documentation elsewhere, we cannot assure confidentiality.