Military Connected Students

Jacksonville State University has a long history of serving our Military-Connected students including those who are Service Members, Student Veterans, and Dependents. As part of the Student Success Center, the Office of Disability Resources is committed to ensuring equitable educational access to our veteran and active service students with disabilities. Disability Resources also serves as a resource to the JSU community to increase awareness and understanding regarding disability related issues in higher education. 

Military-connected students who are seeking accommodations are encouraged to complete a request for services as early as possible to allow the time needed to review submitted documentation, allow for an assessment of academic needs, and to familiarize students with the accommodation process.  In higher education settings, like JSU, students are active participants in the accommodations process. Students must self-identify as having a disability and request services, provide documentation of the disability, request accommodations for each semester they need them, and take responsibility for following the procedures associated with the accommodations they receive. We invite you and welcome you to discuss with us in a safe, confidential environment and look forward to hearing from you.  To request services, you can complete a Request for Services online, email us directly at or call our office at 256-782-8380. To learn more about Disability Resources and the accommodations process, please select your current status below.

JSU understands that the transition period that a veteran or active service member experience between the military and student life is filled with unique challenges. Fortunately, you do not have to travel this path alone. Having a support system is key to your academic success. Even if you are not looking to engage in student activities or socialize on campus, we recommend you reaching out to our Office for Military and Post Traditional Students Services.

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