Tips for Telehealth Sessions

  1. This is a time dedicated to YOU! Treat it like you would an in-person session. Avoid engaging in other activities such as folding laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.
  2. Create a private and confidential space where you feel safe to share. If you cannot be in a place where you can be alone, you may choose to have your session via the chat option in Teams, or you can reschedule your appointment until a time where you can be alone. Please note that public spaces, such as the Theron Montgomery Building (TMB) are not good spaces for counseling sessions. Also, we ask that you not be driving or in a vehicle with others for your session. You can certainly be in your vehicle if it is parked, and you can give your full attention to your session.
  3. Consider using some type of white noise, such as a fan or sound machine, if you are concerned about others hearing you.
  4. Test your device to make sure you have a good connection and see that it is fully charged.
  5. Please be dressed (pajamas or sweats are fine!) and sitting upright facing the camera.
  6. Please sit so that the camera shows your full face and upper body.
  7. It is often helpful to write down what you want to talk about, since sometimes it is hard to remember everything in the moment
  8. Be honest. It is ok to admit that you are nervous, or that you feel sad, or angry. It is ok to feel what you feel!
  9. Know that counseling can sometimes feel uncomfortable. Accept that change is necessary and will provide positive results but may feel “off” for a while. Stick with it!
  10. Just breathe! Relax, take deep breaths, and congratulate yourself for taking this important step for your mental health and wellness!