Referrals and Other Policy Materials

Jacksonville State University is opposed to all acts of hazing and expects all students, groups, and organizations to be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city, Jacksonville State University and their Inter/National Organizations. Individuals are encouraged to report any suspicions or known activities of hazing by completing the Hazing Reporting Form.

Reporting of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, is encouraged at all levels in the Jacksonville State University community.  Anyone with knowledge of an offense prohibited under our "Sex-Based Harassment and Misconduct Policy " can, and is encouraged to, report it by completing the “Report a Concern” form.

Students who are arrested, charged, or convicted of a designated criminal offense must make a disclosure to the Office of Community Standards within five (5) business days. Please complete our Self Reporting Form.

University’s Student Self Reporting Policy 

The University expects all of its members to comply with both JSU Policy and federal, state and local laws as they apply to alcohol and other drugs.  Furthermore, the University recognizes the harmful effects of alcohol abuse, illicit and illegal drug use and prohibited prescription drug practices such as pharma shopping, selling prescription drugs or using prescription drugs other than as prescribed. 

View the JSU Alcohol and Other Drug Policy