Academic Grievances

What is an Academic Grievance?

An "academic grievance" is a claim by an enrolled student receiving academic credit for a course that a specific academic decision or action has violated published policies and procedures, or has been applied to the grievant in a manner different from that used for other students.

Students wishing to appeal a grade or reverse an academic decision should always begin by meeting with the instructor initiating the grade or decision. Oftentimes, this meeting will result in a satisfactory outcome for the student and instructor. If the student and instructor are unable to resolve the issue, the student should meet with the instructor's department head. If the issue remains unresolved, students should follow the academic grievance process set forth below.

When to File an Academic Grievance

A student may appeal an assigned grade or a similar decision related to academic performance if the student has evidence or reason to believe a grade was assigned or a decision was made in a:

  • malicious (intentionally harmful; spiteful);
  • capricious (subject to, led by, or indicative of a sudden, odd notion or unpredictable change; erratic);
  • erroneous (containing error; mistaken; incorrect; wrong); or
  • arbitrary (based on whim or personal preference, without reason or pattern; random) manner

The burden of proof shall be upon the student such that the student challenging the decision, action or final grade assigned has the burden of supplying evidence that proves that the instructor’s decision was incorrect. The preponderance of evidence standard will be utilized when evaluating appeals. 

In cases where the academic decision is based on a deficiency in or a violation of a clinical or professional standard, the deficiency or violation may be considered sufficient proof to support an academic failure or dismissal notwithstanding a student’s success in other areas of academic performance.

To learn more, view JSU's Academic Grievance Process and Policy Information

How to File an Academic Grievance

Begin Filing an Academic Grievance Report