Scholars Code



The University recognizes that the open exchange of ideas plays a vital role in the academic endeavor, as often it is only through discussion with others that one is fully able to process information or to crystallize an elusive concept. Therefore, students generally are encouraged to engage in conversations with their teachers and classmates about their courses, their research, and even their assignments. These kinds of discussions and debates in some ways represent the essence of life in an academic community. Even so, it is important for all scholars to maintain academic integrity in all aspects of their work, clearly noting when they have relied upon or incorporated the work of others. 

To ensure academic honesty and provide support for students who may have engaged in minor violations, the university proposes the Scholars’ Code as means by which the course instructor can work with students in an educational and restorative manner while also securing the academic integrity of the university. 

This policy emphasizes several values in order to provide students a clear path forward if they have committed an offense and to provide faculty with clear steps to follow when a student has committed an offense in their class. The first of those values is the student’s academic responsibility, followed by values impacting the process through which an offense is adjudicated: nondiscrimination, equal and consistent treatment, confidentiality, and respect. 

To that end, the policy consists of the following aspects: 

  • Violations 
  • Levels of offense 
  • Procedures and standards for course instructor reporting 
  • Process 
  • Levels of sanction based on offense 
  • Appeals process  

This policy is intended to provide a consistent view of academic dishonesty and a practice to follow for course instructors in reporting incidents of academic dishonesty and in initiating the formal adjudication process on the university level. 


To learn more, view JSU's Scholars' Code and Policy Information.How to File a Academic Integrity Violation

Academic Integrity Reporting Form