Office of Community Standards and Student Ethics

The Office of Community Standards and Title IX supports the Jacksonville State University mission through remaining student centered and educational in its disciplinary procedures. The Code of Student Conduct is a way for the University to publicly expect all students (undergraduate, graduate, non-degree seeking, on campus or off campus) to maintain standards and respect for the University community.

The process outlined in the Code is designed to support students who may engage in misconduct through educational and restorative methods. The Office of Community Standards and Student Ethics upholds the general mission and goals of the institution while recognizing and respecting the rights, privileges and responsibilities of all JSU students.


The philosophy of the Office of Community Standards and Title IX is educational and attempts to have respondents reconcile with any potential victims and the greater community at large. This restorative justice philosophy is best achieved through cooperation between the offender and the administrator that is holding them accountable. The hopeful benefit of this philosophy is transformational learning of everyone involved.

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Statement of Freedom of Expression

All members of the Jacksonville State University can enjoy the right of freedom to speech and expression.  The right to free speech and expression does not include unlawful acts or activity that endangers or threatens to endanger the safety and/or well-being of any member of the JSU community.  In addition, it does not include any activity that materially and substantially interferes with the education or well-being of other students or the mission of Jacksonville State University.  Members of the Jacksonville State University community are encouraged to engage in opportunities of free speech and expression to be intellectually and culturally challenged and therefore better prepared to deal with the issues they encounter in a changing and diverse society.  These encounters can occur with activities and discussion that embody courtesy, mutual respect, and charity. 

For additional information, you may refer to the University's Campus Use and Protection of Free Speech Policy or contact us at 256-782-8080.