New Programs, Program Changes, Other Academic Initiatives

The process for academic program approvals, program changes and other academic affairs changes can take up to two years or more, depending upon the notifications or approvals required.

In order to meet a desired implementation date, the dates below are suggested dates for review by the Academic Affairs Programs and Initiatives (AAPI) subcommittee.

Desired Term of Implementation 

If Additional 

 Funding Is Needed 

If No Additional  

Funding Is Needed 

Fall 2024 

Pending Available Funding

October 1, 2023 

Fall 2025 

October 1, 2023 

October 1, 2024 

Fall 2026 

October 1, 2024 

October 1, 2025 

Fall 2027 

October 1, 2025 

October 1, 2026 

Fall 2028 

October 1, 2026 

October 1, 2027 

Notification and approvals may include any combination of the following and may need to clear one notification or approval before moving to the next:  

  • ACHE Notification or Approval
  • Alabama State Department of Education
  • Assessment Planning
  • Board of Trustees
  • Budget Requests
  • Courseleaf
  • Financial Aid
  • Graduate or Undergraduate Catalog
  • Graduate or Undergraduate Curriculum Committees
  • President's Cabinet
  • Programmatic Accreditor Approval
  • SACSCOC Notification or Approval
  • SACSCOC Substantive Change Review 


When determining the types of items that are included in this process, please refer to the list in the drop down menu below. Although not a comprehensive list, it captures the most common types of changes. If you have questions regarding a change that is not included in the menu, please contact someone on the subcommittee, which is listed at the bottom of this page.  

  • Adding a New Major
  • Adding a New Degree
  • Adding a New Certificate
  • Adding a New Concentration
  • Adding a New Microcredential
  • Adding a New Minor
  • Eliminating all but one mode of course delivery
  • Reducing or increasing the number of hours in program (a change of 25% or more)
  • Eliminating a program, certificate, concentration, minor or microcredential
  • Changing a CIP Code
  • Changing the name of a program, certificate, concentration, minor or microcredential
  • Reopening a program

  • New centers or institutes
  • MOUs or academic partnerships
  • College elimination, reorganization, or name change
  • Department elimination, reorganization, or name change
  • Unit elimination, reorganization, or name change
  • Changing programmatic accreditor 
  • Voluntary withdrawal from programmatic accreditation
  • Offering a program at a new location
  • Adding a Dual Enrollment site

  • Course Changes
  • Increasing or decreasing the number of hours in a program (less than 25%)

The process for all program changes and initiatives includes an informal and a formal phase as outlined below.  The process is general in nature but includes guidance by the AAPI subcommittee during the formal phase.  The role of the subcommittee is to provide information specific to the proposed change as well as continued support to department heads throughout the various stages of notifications and approvals.  The subcommittee does not approve new programs or changes.


Informal phase

This part of the process will include discussion among faculty, with the department head, dean, the provost and possibly others.  


Formal Phase

The following steps should be taken when a decision is made to move the new program, program change or other academic affairs change forward. 

  • Department Head fills out and submits form to dean (see below)
  • Dean discusses proposed change at Extended Dean’s Council meeting
  • Department Head attends AAPI subcommittee meeting
  • Subcommittee members and department head discuss timeline and necessary process and forms specific to the proposed change

Academic Affairs Program and Initiatives Subcommittee Members

  • Alabama State Department of Education - Dr. Stacie Wolbert
  • Assessment Planning - Ms. Amanda Abernathy
  • Budgeting - Ms. Kim Turner
  • Cabinet and Board of Trustees Notification or Approval - Dr. Christie Shelton
  • Courseleaf/Banner/Undergraduate Catalog - Ms. Tori Gaddy
  • Financial Aid - Ms. Charlotte Cole
  • Graduate Curriculum/Graduate Catalog - Dr. Channing Ford (Co-Chair)
  • SACSCOC/ACHE - Ms. Kim Presson (Co-Chair)
  • Undergraduate Curriculum - Dr. Staci Stone
  • New Program/Program Change Form HERE
  • New Center or Institute Form HERE