Tutoring Services

JSU tutors hang out in front of the Houston Cole Library, home to the Student Success Center.

The concept behind tutoring services at Jacksonville State University is to model high-quality, effective academic skills, provide content-specific supplemental instruction, and create a connection to the institution.  Tutors must combine their content knowledge with empathy, honesty, hard work, humility, and humor.  A tutor should possess a passion for the teaching and learning process.  A tutor’s goal is to help students LEARN to help themselves and to assist or guide students to the point at which they become independent learners. 

  • Tutoring is available for any JSU student for most core courses
  • Tutoring is FREE as long as you are a JSU student
  • Students will need to schedule an In-Person or Virtual Tutoring appointment using JSU Navigate
    • In-Person Appointments will take place in the Student Success Center, located at the Houston Cole Library, 2nd Floor (256-782-8223)   
    • Virtual Tutoring is available at tutor.com (please see below for more information)

How to Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

  1. Log in to your MyJaxState account and locate the “Student Links” section of your home page.
  2. Select the “JSU Navigate” link. This will sign you in to your JSU Navigate profile.
  3. From your Student Home screen, Change the Term. Click on the drop-down menu located on the top right of the screen next to the magnifying glass. Select the current term (ex. Spring 2021).
  4. Click on the “Schedule an Appointment” blue button located directly below the JSU logo.
  5. What type of appointment would you like to schedule? Use the drop-down menu to click on Tutoring.
  6. Pick a Service Category. Each category offers different services available in Tutoring
    Service Category Options Services Available in Service Category
    Tutoring In-Person Tutoring, Virtual Tutoring
    Academic Assistance Academic Standing, Success Coaching
    Other Services Computer Use, Honorlock Computer Use, Printing
    Supplemental Instruction (SI) SI Leader Office Hours
  7. Pick a Service for your Appointment. Services will appear in a drop-down menu depending on the Service Category you select.
  8. Choose a location (i.e. Student Success Center, 2nd Floor) and a staff member, then click “Next.” If you have no staff preference, you can use “Any Staff.”
  9. Select the day and time you would like to schedule your appointment (available times will be highlighted in blue). Click “Next.”
  10. Review your appointment. You have the option to have email and text reminders sent to yourself and update your cellphone number. Remember to read the Additional Details for important information about your appointment. Once you are finished reviewing, click on “Confirm Appointment.”

Screenshot of someone using Navigate

Student Success Center Tutoring Schedule

Spring 2024 Semester Tutoring Schedule

Spring 2024 Semester Final Exam Week Tutoring Schedule

Students should contact tutoring@jsu.edu if they have any questions, or schedule an appointment using the JSU Navigate link in My Jax State or by using the Navigate Student app.

What is Tutoring?

Tutoring is about more than helping a student with homework.  Tutoring is a service provided that ultimately helps students become independent, active learners.  As a tutor, you are helping students develop skills that will help them learn on their own so that they can be academically successful.  Your responsibility is to guide the student to their own understanding. 

Student Expectations

  • Students should attend tutoring sessions prepared with books, notes, attempted homework, questions, supplies, syllabi, past quizzes, etc.
  • Students should be as specific as possible about what they are hoping to achieve during the tutoring session. Ask questions and listen to suggestions. 
  • Students should attempt homework on their own before bringing it to a tutor to help; a tutor cannot complete homework for students. 
  • Students should understand that tutors are not required to complete homework assignments or reteach course content during tutoring sessions.
  • Students should be respectful to all tutors, students, and SSC facilities.
  • Students should be active participants during the tutoring session.  

Tutor Expectations

  • Be punctual, supportive, and professional 
  • Answer questions to the best of their abilities 
  • Work WITH students, not for students
  • Be knowledgeable about other available campus resources that can assist students
  • Set clear expectations about the session and encourage students to be independent learners
  • Offer a positive attitude and be respectful diverse perspectives and learning styles
  • Tutors do NOT correct your homework, projects, OR take-home exams. They will provide useful comments and suggestions to help foster independent learning. 
  • Tutors do NOT try to predict what a student’s grade will be on an assignment and cannot speak for the instructor. Students should ask their instructors for any clarification on an assignment/grade. 
  1. Students should arrive on time for scheduled appointments. If a student is late, no extra time will be added to the appointment; the appointment will end at the scheduled time. After 15 minutes, students will be marked as a no-show.
  2. Students can cancel their appointment up to 1 hour before the scheduled start time. If they cancel after the 1-hour cutoff, they will be marked as a no-show.
  3. If a student no-shows two times within a week, they must contact cburtonmomon@jsu.edu to reinstate appointment privileges.
  4. Students can have up to 4 tutoring appointments scheduled at one time. If you need additional appointments, please contact cburtonmomon@jsu.edu.

Tutor.com (online tutoring)

Online learning support provided by tutor.com and the Writing Center.

The Student Success Center is pleased to announce a partnership with tutor.com to provide online learning support to students each semester.  Tutor.com provides students with access to over 3,000 online tutors and appointment availability 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Subjects cover a wide variety of course types including math, science, world languages, computer science, nursing and health sciences, history and social sciences, literature, and business.  Writing support will continue to be offered by the JSU Writing Center. 

To access tutor.com:

  • Login to Canvas
  • Select the tutor.com link in the navigation menu of your course
  • Create or sign in to tutor.com and select “Connect with a Tutor”

For more information, visit www.tutor.com/higher-education.  For access to tutor.com, students should log in to Canvas or email Candi Momon, Tutor Coordinator at cburtonmomon@jsu.edu.

Faculty who are interested in learning more about tutor.com features and how tutor.com can assist with improved student learning outcomes, feel free to contact Candi Momon at cburtonmomon@jsu.edu or visit the client care center at www.tutor.com/clientcareHEd.

If a student does not have access to tutor.com, please email the Director of Academic Support and Success, Debra James, at dmjames@jsu.edu.  The course CRN and section number will be needed. 

Goals of Tutoring

  • To assist students in becoming independent learners
  • To identify the student’s area(s) of concern
  • To assist students in developing academic enabling behaviors and study skills
  • To assist students in achieving a higher level of competence in subject area
  • To assist students in becoming active in the learning process
  • To identify students’ preferred learning styles and implement corresponding learning strategies
  • To communicate openly and clearly any concerns about how the tutoring sessions are being conducted

Interested in Becoming a Tutor?

  • Minimum of 3.0 college GPA required
  • Must have earned an A or B in courses you wish to tutor
  • Must have completed at least one full-time semester at JSU
  • Must be enrolled for at least 3 credit hours at JSU per fall or spring semester
  • Applicants must attach an unofficial copy of the student’s transcript or class registration to the online application as evidence of enrollment
  • Must be willing to tutor during evening hours and during times that do not conflict with class schedule
  • Must submit a faculty recommendation form.

Tutor Appointment Cancellations

Student Success Center tutors must submit a student staff absence form to request approval from the Tutor Coordinator.  An absence will not be approved until the form has been processed and the tutor receives a confirmation response.  If tutors have questions or concerns regarding this process, they can contact Candi Momon, Tutor Coordinator, at cburtonmomon@jsu.edu or at 256.782.8306.

All other JSU tutors not employed by the Student Success Center must contact their departments to cancel appointments.