Immunization Requirements

All students admitted to Jacksonville State University for the first time must meet the Jax State Immunization Requirements. Students are required to provide evidence of vaccinations through the Medicat Immunization Portal.

Immunization requirements are as follows:

  • MMR - Measles, Mumps, Rubella - Students born after 1956 -2 doses of MMR at least 28 days apart after 12 months of age OR a copy of a lab report showing proof of immunity from measles (rubeola), mumps, and rubella can be submitted in lieu of the vaccine.
  • Varicella - (Chickenpox/Shingles)- Students born after 1979- 2 doses of Varicella vaccine at least 28 days apart OR healthcare provider documented history with the date of the disease OR (or documented history of chicken pox by provider).
  • Hepatitis B - Three doses are required for all students or a blood test showing immunity. All students will be required to have all three doses of the hepatitis B vaccine as outlined in the following schedule. The second dose should be at least 28 days after the first dose and the third dose at least 16 weeks after first dose and at least 8 weeks after the second dose. If there is no time to complete a series before enrollment, an appointment may be made at the SHC when the next dose of vaccine is due. 

Medicat is connected to Alabama Shots Immunizations Registry.  Please see if your immunization information is already on file before entering dates and uploading documentation of your immunization record via the “upload” tab.

Medicat’s medical records system also enables you to electronically request your immunization records if you received your vaccines in another state utilizing the Verivax icon on the Medicat Patient Portal (service is not available for AK, HI, NC, NH, ME, VT, or DC currently).  If you are an international student or from one of the states listed above, please use the manual process outlined on the portal to submit your required vaccines.

Lastly, all students are required to complete the TB Screening Questionnaire Form located under the Forms section of the Patient Portal.  Further tuberculosis testing may be required based upon information received from the screening questions.

  • Students who are screened and found to have a positive screening test will not be permitted to attend classes until follow-up testing determines there is no active Tuberculosis disease. All TB testing must be performed in the United States.

If there are any immunizations required that are not “complete”, you will need to upload for verification via the “upload” tab.

Please access the Medicat Immunization Portal to complete the above requirements by following the steps below:

  • Log into your MyJaxState.
  • Select the Student
  • Select Medicat Immunization Portal.

Jacksonville State University recommends the following forms to be completed as well. These forms are required if you need to visit the Health Center and are located in the Medicat Immunization Portal under “Forms”. These forms must be printed and taken to the Health Center upon your first visit.

  • Jax State Health Form
  • Privacy Practices Acknowledgment Form 


Immunization Exemption Request Form 

If you wish to request an exemption for religious, philosophical, or medical grounds or if your classes are fully online and you will not be on campus, you will find the Immunization Exemption Request Form under “Forms”. Please note, the Student Health Center advises all adults to be properly immunized.

Students that have not completed the immunization requirements by the first day of class may be prohibited from registering for classes the following semester.