Educational Services

Outreach Programs Offered at JSU

Any organization/group wanting educational materials and/or a public speaker can request so here using the form below. Any presentations needed or wanted that are not offered below, please feel free to ask and, if possible, a presentation to fit your need will be put together. Any suggestions are welcome.

  • Consent is sexy: How to avoid date rape and unsafe situations
  • No glove, no love: Safe sex practices, contraceptives, and condom use
  • How much is too much? Alcohol consumption as a student (There is a bus service at JSU that offers pick-ups for students too intoxicated to drive.)
  • What’s lurking on campus…on and off your hands: Hand hygiene
  • Food for thought: Nutrition and eating habits
  • My first annual: What to expect for a pelvic exam
  • Yeast infections vs. Bacterial Vaginosis vs. STD’s and STI’s