UPE Honor Society Chapter

2023 UPE inductees stand behind their banner and key

Honor Society for the Computing and Information Disciplines

The JSU Chapter of UPE was established in 2006. UPE is an esteemed international honor society for students in the field of the Computing and Information disciplines. Being a member of UPE not only signifies a commitment to excellence in Computer Science and Information Sciences, but also opens doors to networking opportunities, career advancement, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals passionate about the Computing and Information disciplines. UPE has received endorsements from the two largest computer organizations in the world, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS). UPE is also a charter member of The International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES).

Eligibility Requirements for JSU Chapter

UPE Chapter KeyWe send email invitations to students who meet the following requirements:

Undergraduate Students

Upper 35% students with junior/senior standing, not less than 3.0 overall GPA and completed at least 15 CS /CIS credits.

Transfer Undergraduate Students

Upper 35% students with junior/senior standing and have been in residence at least one year at JSU, not less than 3.0 overall GPA and completed at least 15 CS/CIS credits.

Graduate Students

Upper 35% of the class with 3.5 overall GPA and completed at least 15 credit hours.


Candidate shall have been in full-time employment of the current institution for at least one-half year and in responsible charge of some of the undergraduate or graduate courses or important research work of the institution in the Computing and Information disciplines or other allied computer fields. Eligibility of a faculty member shall be based mainly upon his/her present achievements as denoted by his/her degrees, rank, publications, high standards of scholarship maintained in classes or research work, honors and membership in other societies, and potential future interests in UPE.

Contact Information

For more information, contact the JSU UPE Faculty Advisor, Dr. Arup Ghosh (akghosh@jsu.edu). Dr. Ghosh became a member of UPE through the UCF Chapter in the spring of 2012.

2023 Induction Ceremony Gallery

  • upe inductees at their desks
  • Dr Jan Case and Dr Arup Ghosh
  • Inductees pledging
  • Dr Case
  • Dr Ghosh presenting with Dr Case in the background
  • Students at their desks
  • Signing paperwork
  • Signing paperwork
  • Student receiving his certificate
  • Student receiving his certificate from Dr Case
  • Student receiving his certificate from Dr Case
  • Student receiving his certificate from Dr Case
  • Student receiving his certificate from Dr Case
  • Student receives his key and certificate from Dr Case
  • Signing paper work
  • A student signs the roll
  • A student signs the roll
  • A student signs the roll
  • A student signs the roll
  • A student signs the roll
  • A student receives her certificate from Dr Case
  • A student receives his certificate from Dr Case
  • The 2023 Inductees with Dr Case and Dr Ghosh
  • UPE Inductees


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Arup Ghosh, akghosh@jsu.edu 

Officers: Coming Soon


  • Shelby Boswell
  • Jailon Lawrence
  • Barbara Moore
  • Charlie Owen
  • Adam Parton
  • Utsav Singh
  • Jakob Skipper
  • Micah Smith
  • Ethan St John
  • Georgia Turner

  • Katie Finlayson
  • Scott Troutman
  • Cody Johnson
  • Brandon Phillips
  • Stephen Kennedy

  • Ian Bragg
  • Daniel Hilburn
  • Robert Rushton
  • Whitney Wood
  • Kihyun Kim
  • Amber Priott
  • David Jordan

  • Nick Charles
  • Oliver Nichols
  • Bret Hill
  • Thomas Drew White
  • Jared Benedict
  • Daniel Smith
  • Darren Johnston
  • Jeremy Moses

  • Cedric Bridges
  • Jonathan Leftwich
  • Gary Warren
  • Crystal Ray

  • Kerri Reese
  • Matthew Westbrook
  • Eric Miller
  • David Brooks
  • David Mize
  • Heather Scott
  • Zack White
  • Thomas Brookshire
  • Jason Levi
  • Jeremy Leshko
  • Tyler Pentecost
  • Justin Ervin
  • Jonathan Cramer

  • Christopher Smith
  • Jeremy Straub

  • Justin Barno
  • Andrew Maise
  • Chris Autwell
  • Joshua Cain
  • Candice Truitt
  • Brandon Harvey
  • Benjamin Rankin
  • Charissa Flagg
  • Allen Thomas Ott
  • Shannon Hutchinson
  • Lori Liles
  • Courtney Andrew Durham
  • Joshua Dawson
  • Saloua Lahlou
  • Zachary G. Sarver
  • Kholby Lawson

  • Nicholas R. Anderson
  • Stephen Hicks
  • Brittney P. Johnson

  • Etsuko Abe
  • Philip Alldredge
  • Heath Anderson
  • Alvin Ashley
  • David Becker
  • Thomas Clay
  • James Colburn III
  • Shirley Crow
  • Thomas Ford
  • Tyler Gomez
  • Jacob Kohute
  • Crystal Lawhorn
  • Joseph Mwangi
  • Bryan Price
  • Lori Ann Ray
  • Cheneil Sanders
  • Chrissy Scott
  • William Scroggins III
  • Valene Singleton
  • Jay Snellen
  • William Thomas
  • Robin Tuladhar
  • Sirish Velkour
  • Jeffrey Zanzig
  • Jan Case
  • Ann Edwards
  • Guillermo Francia III
  • James Kelley Jr.
  • Srinivasarao Krishnaprasad
  • Karen Myers
  • Mary Jane Peters
  • Monica Trifas
  • Jacob Strickland
  • Christopher Cushing
  • Charles Jarrett
  • Dustin Inman
  • Dorothy Gross Brown
  • John Broome
  • Andrew Ciganek
  • Matthew Burns
  • Jacob Van Buren
  • Zachary Smith
  • Nicholas Goudy
  • Krista Staehly
  • Jennifer Bullard
  • Rahjima R. Francia
  • Joshua Rogers
  • Gaus Alam
  • Zizhong Chen
  • Cermelo Woodgett