Marcus Shell

Instructor of Mathematics
127 Ayers Hall

Marcus Shell is an Instructor of Mathematics at Jacksonville State University. He worked under JSU's own Dr. Jaedeok Kim to produce a Master's Thesis titled "Streaming Down the Stern-Brocot Tree: Finding and Expressing Solutions to Pell's Equation in SL(2,Z)." Further research interests include topics in Abstract Algebra and Number Theory. In addition to improving his skills in mathematics and computer science, Marcus also enjoys being involved in the JSU Math Club and participating in the JSU Civic Chorale where he sings tenor.

Marcus Shell

Courses Taught

  • MS 100 Intermediate Algebra
  • MS112 Precalculus Algebra


  • AS - Computer Science and Information Systems, Northeast Alabama Community College, 2015
  • BS - Computer Science/Mathematics, Jacksonville State University, 2019
  • MS - Mathematics, Jacksonville State University, 2021