Youngmi Kim

Professor of Mathematics
135 Ayers Hall

Dr. Youngmi Kim is a professor of Mathematics and has been teaching at Jacksonville State University since 2002. Not long before coming to JSU, she received her doctorate degree in mathematics at the University of Alabama with a concentration/special interest in Group Theory. Thanks to her many years of experience, Dr. Y, Kim has had experience teaching most of the mathematics courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level, but she especially enjoys discourse in relation to topics around groups, rings, and fields in Abstract Algebra. Additionally, she served as a graduate advisor/coordinator in mathematics for 9 years at JSU. Currently, Dr. Kim serves on the committee of the National Mathematics and Science Competition (NMSC) in Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association since 2017.

Youngmi Kim

Courses Taught

  • MS599-Thesis
  • MS549-Selected Topics in Mathematics for the Secondary Teacher
  • MS542-Abstract Algebra II
  • MS541-Abstract Algebra I
  • MS537-Foundations in Algebra for the Secondary Teacher
  • MS535-Topics in Finite Mathematics for Teachers
  • MS533-Topics in Modern Algebra for Teachers
  • MS530-Foundations in Calculus for Teachers
  • MS523-Topics in Geometry for Teachers
  • MS480/480G-Topology
  • MS442-Abstract Algebra II
  • MS441-Abstract Algebra I
  • MS415-Advanced Calculus
  • MS352-Linear Algebra
  • MS344-Differential Equations
  • MS323-College Geometry
  • MS309-Combinatorics
  • MS305-Number Theory
  • MS125, MS126, MS227-Calculus I, II, III
  • MS115-Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry
  • MS113-Precalculus Trigonometry
  • MS112-Precalculus Algebra
  • MS110-Finite Mathematics


  • 2002 Ph.D., The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. AL
  • 2000 M.A., The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. AL
  • 1993 B.S., in Math Education, Seoul National University, Seoul. Korea