Keith B. Foster

Instructor of Computer Science
240 Ayers Hall

Keith, a dual service Veteran, serving in both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard; holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems/Information Assurance, and a Master of Science degree in Computer Systems and Software Design/Information Security and Assurance. Keith has interests in all aspects of Information Technology with focus on Data Analytics/Visualization, Cybersecurity Initiatives, Cybersecurity Implementation Planning, Operating System Security, Information Security Behavior, Usable Security, Database Systems, Systems Analysis and Design, IT Strategy, Ethics and Legal Issues, Management Information Systems, Information System Acquisition Project Management, and Computer Science Education

Keith Foster

Courses Taught

  • Fundamentals of Computing, with focus on sets, functions, propositional logic, number systems, data representation, binary arithmetic, problem solving tools and techniques, control/data structures and the Python programming language.
  • Web Design, with focus on creating well-designed websites, web design techniques, graphics, accessibility, responsiveness, and effective communication on the web.
  • Introduction to Information Technology, with focus on the theory and operations of information technology, computing systems, hardware, software, and hands-on experience with selected productivity software.
  • Management Information Systems, with focus on the study of the systems concept and its relationship to information requirements for decision making and management in traditional and e-commerce environments.
  • Information Systems Project Management, with focus on Information Systems project management theories, fundamentals, methods, tools, practices including process groups and project life cycle development methodologies.


  • M.S. Jacksonville State University, Computer Systems and Software Design/Information Security and Assurance
  • B.S. Jacksonville State University, Computer Information Systems/Information Assurance
  • A.S. Lawson State Community College, Computer Information Sytems

Other Responsibilities

  • Student Veterans of America
  • JSU's SVA has been on campus since 2016. SVA members have been able to improve the student experience for Military-Connected students by finding a need and taking action.