American Student Applications

We accept applications from American undergraduate students year-round. Note: Preference for acceptance will be given to freshmen.

Priority Application Deadline: March 01 
Application Deadline: April 01  

Interested American students may be contacted between semesters to fill vacancies caused by graduations or other circumstances.

To be considered for participation in the International House, please check if you meet the eligibility criteria and follow the process below:

  • Submit your completed Application Form
  • Submit your high school transcripts 
  • Submit your college transcripts if you have college credits 
  • Submit an essay explaining your background, community services, accomplishments and why and how you think you will be a better fit to the program. 
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation from non-family members who can attest to your accomplishments, character and your fit to this program. Recommendation Letters should NOT come from family members, friends, classmates, yourself, or your current/former Resident Assistant. These letters should be attached as well as sent to  and should reference your full name and your JSU student id number.

Meeting minimum eligibility requirements do not guarantee acceptance. 

Any applications that are submitted after the deadline will go into the application pool of the next academic year.