International House 75th Reunion

2024 IHP 75th Anniversary Reunion in Paris

2024 Paris Reunion banner


Reunite with fellow classmates and celebrate 75+ Years of the Jones International House Program in Paris! Registration is now open!

Note: It has been confirmed, the VISA is NOT required for US Citizens under a 90 day stay in Europe until 2025.



President Killingsworth at the International House  

Inspired by their travels throughout Europe at the end of World War II and heartbroken by the devastation that they saw, Dr. James and Myra Jones returned home to establish JSU’s international program, with the goal to foster global peace and understanding. What began as a cultural exchange program between JSU and Paris, France, has grown into one of the most unique initiatives found on any college campus.

Each year, the International House hosts 20 international students and 20 American students living together in harmony, much like a model United Nations. The international students participating in this program not only globalize our campus, but also provide the surrounding community an opportunity to learn more about diverse people, languages, and cultures. In fact, area residents often recall meeting someone from outside the US for the first time because of JSU.

In honor of its 75th or “diamond” anniversary, the university is excited to celebrate this campus gem. I hope you will be able to return to JSU for this celebration, and I look forward to meeting you, hearing your stories, and working together to continue and advance Dr. Jones’ motto: “Know One Another and You Will Love One Another.”


Dr. Don C. Killingsworth, Jr.

Highlights from Past Reunions

  • Reunion Attendees visit next to a table of memorabilia
  • A display of international flags sits amid memorabilia at a past IH reunion
  • Reunion attendees listen to a student play guitar at a past IH reunion
  • Attendees visit at a past IH Reunion
  • Current and past IH students take advantage of a photo opportunity at a past reunion
  • a group of students and alumni watch a video slideshow at a past IH reunion