Give Back to the International House

The gifts that matter most are those that mean the most. 

We encourage each of you to take a few minutes today and think back on a fond memory of your time at the International House: eating pizza at Roma's or hot fudge sundae at the Village Inn, sitting under the magnolia tree, singing your favorite songs, cheering on the Gamecocks, or just discussing world affairs with your international friends, just to name a few. If that trip down memory lane brings a smile to your face, we request that you consider making a gift that reflects your appreciation and love for all that the International House Program has done to shape who you are, both personally and professionally.

When you give to the International House Programs, you are making your memorable experiences at the International House possible for generations to come. Find below the different gift options that you may be interested in.

Consider participating in the Memorial Brick Pavement Project which is a great way for IHP alumni, sponsoring entities, and friends of IHP to have their name be forever etched in a place where formative experience occurred for all those who participated in this unique program. This will be a project for continuous fundraising towards the goal of an endowment that will allow full funding of all students in the International House Program.

Jones International House Program Brick Ordering

An endowment gift to the International House Program ensures a scholarship for many generations to come. 

Endowment donations are invested. A portion of the annual income from the investment is used towards the International House scholarship. The remaining funds are reinvested to ensure indefinite support.

Contact us to discuss ways to establish scholarship in the name of your loved ones or in your name.

Contact Information:
Mr. Brody Jones at 256-782-5603 or to discuss endowed gifts. 

There are numerous naming opportunities within the International House. Individuals or groups may consider naming any of the spaces below. 

Living Room
Dining Room
Basement Student Center 
Basement Recreation Center 
Main Floor Mens Study Room
Main Floor Women's Study Room
Men's Wing Bedrooms
Women's Wing Bedrooms