Strategic Plan


The College of Health Professions and Wellness is a learning-centered community that provides distinctive professional undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare students to engage within the global health profession, wellness, and sport environments as ethical professionals and involved, culturally sensitive, responsible citizens.

What We Value:

  • Excellence & Innovation
  • Integrity & Respect
  • Collaboration & Communication
  • Community & Outreach


As a thriving learning community, CHPW depends on a strong financial foundation based on diverse student enrollment and a culture of accountability.

1. Inclusive Environment

  • Goal: Attract, enroll, and support undergraduate and graduate students with unique experiences from across the region, state, and globe.

CHPW objective:

  • Recruit, develop, and retain diverse students and faculty who possess knowledge, skills, and attitudes reflective of the profession.

2. A Spirit of Generosity

  • Goal: Strengthen partnerships to improve quality of life through collective impact.

CHPW Objective

  • Cultivate healthy and active lifestyles within the community of interest.


Within the College of Health Professions and Wellness we engage the campus, community, and region through mutual relationships and transformative experiences.

1. Mutual Relationships

  • Goal: Strengthen partnerships to improve quality of life through collective impact.

CHPW objective

  • Develop collaborative partnerships and inter-professional relationships designed to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders.  


As professionals and educators, we do not provide answers. We provide experiences, environments, and expectations that allow learners to discover the answers.

1. Experiences

  • Goal: Provide learning experiences that connect learners with real-world knowledge, skills, and opportunities.

CHPW Objectives:

  • Deliver innovative, relevant, and complex academic programs to diverse students.
  • Use high impact practices in all programs to apply knowledge gained in the classroom
  • Foster ethical student and faculty involvement in scholarship, service, and professional activities.

2. Environments

  • Goal: Create and provide new learning environments characterized by modern facilities, technological enhancements, active learning, and engaging instruction

CHPW Objective:

  • Support and develop new learning environments to support active learning and student engagement

3. Expectations

  • Goal: Promote and assess critical thinking, essential employability skills, diversity and inclusion, and successful degree completion in all learning experiences and environments

CHPW Objectives:

  • Engage external stakeholders to be involved with CHPW programs to promote and evaluate employability skills.
  • Implement active learning pedagogy in CHPW programs to promote and assess critical thinking.
  • Include cultural competencies in CHPW programs.