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JSU Kinesiology Creates New Minors in E-Sports

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the first recorded video game competition. Over the last 50 years, e-sports has grown into an international phenomenon and is projected to bring in $1.79 billion in total revenue in 2022. Due to the rapid growth in participation, viewership, and large-scale events, the e-sports industry has likewise expanded and created many specialized jobs to fit the needs of its growing, international, fan base. JSU is currently working to prepare students for new jobs in the e-sports industry by creating two new academic minors. Students can pick from two paths: one which focuses on game creation and the other which focuses on the business components of e-sport management. JSU students will get hands-on industry experience through classroom activities, networking events, and regional volunteer opportunities. 

Student playing e-sports on computer

JSU Nursing Students Spend Summer Serving and Learning

This summer, JSU Nursing faculty and students participated in a service-learning opportunity in collaboration with Camp Seale Harris. JSU students along with an interdisciplinary team from various locations across the state provided medical care for children living with diabetes to enjoy a fun filled week at camp. Founded in 1949, Camp Seale Harris has provided medically supervised camp experiences for thousands of youth with diabetes. In reciprocal, the service experience allowed the BSN student's hands-on opportunities to gain knowledge and self-efficacy in the provision of care for patients with diabetes.

Students at Camp Seale Harris