Finding Funds for Your Emergency Management Degree

Earning an Emergency Management degree requires a financial commitment that can be made easier with the assistance of scholarship awards and other financial assistance opportunities.  Following are scholarship opportunities specifically for Emergency Management degree seekers. Other scholarship opportunities can be found on the Financial Aid website.

Scholarships for Emergency Management Majors

NOAA/Hollings Scholarship: JSU Emergency Management undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship.  See the scholarship description for complete details.  

APCO International Scholarships: APCO offers two scholarships:  Silent Key & Commercial Advisory Committee Scholarship and the John D. Lane Scholarship.  Refer to the APCO site for details.    

IAEM Scholarship: The IAEM Scholarship Program benefits students pursuing studies in emergency management, homeland security, disaster management, and related fields.  IAEM's Scholarship Program is available to full-time students pursuing degrees in emergency management, disaster management or related programs.

DHS Scholarship Programs:  The DHS Scholarship Program provides individual scholarships to support undergraduate students pursuing degrees in homeland security-focused courses of study.  Visit the DHS site for application requirements.

Other Financial Aid Options

For more information on other financial aid options, visit the Financial Aid site.