Emergency Management

Center for Emergency Preparedness


Founded in 1999, the vision of the Center for Emergency Preparedness (CEP) is to provide students and their faculty mentors with research and internship opportunities in the field of emergency management. CEP harnesses the collective knowledge, skills, and abilities of the faculty and staff of the Department of Emergency Management at JSU. Through its proven emergency management professionals, the CEP seeks to enhance education, training, and preparedness programs at all levels of government.  The CEP continues to provide a leadership role in emergency management education and enhance regional preparedness through the conduct of practical research, community service, and scholarly activities.



The CEP assures that future research conducted is backed by the most current literature, best practices, and scholarly thought on the subject; from the time the projects are planned to their completion. In summary, JSU and CEP have the expertise, capabilities, and location to provide its benefactors with an objective analysis of emergency preparedness needs.

Specifically, the goals of the CEP include:

  • providing research opportunities to students enrolled in their graduate programs (Master of Science and Doctor of Science in Emergency Management)
  • providing Alabama state and regional emergency management agencies with research results that will mitigate potential hazards facing the State
  • extensive consulting and practical experience on emergency preparedness, response & recovery issues
  • experience with managing large emergency management-oriented projects and research


Current Center Staff:

Shih-Kai Huang, Ph.D., Center Director

Department of Emergency Management
Research Interests/Specialization:  Risk Communication, Protective Action Behavior, Warning Response Study, Transnational Comparisons in Disaster Research, Field Survey Research and Analytical Methods, Meta-Analysis

Tanveer Islam, Ph.D., Research Associate
Department of Emergency Management
Research Interests/Specialization: GIS Applications, Hazard Mitigation, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, Social Media

Jane Kushma, Ph.D., Research Associate
Department of Emergency Management
Research Interests/Specialization: Long Term Recovery, Disaster Case Management, Policy Implementation, Collaborative Practices, Community Engagement

Bill Lowe, D.B.A., Research Associate
Department of Emergency Management
Research Interests/Specialization: Homeland Security, Terrorism Response, Mitigating, Preventing, Responding, and Recovering from Active Shooters Incidents

Jeff Van Slyke, Ed.D., Research Associate Department of Emergency Management
Research Interests/Specialization: Response, Terrorism, Campus Safety, Homeland Security, Threat Assessment

Chih-Chun Lin, Graduate Assistant


For Further Information Contact:

Dr. Shih-Kai Huang
Center for Emergency Preparedness
(256) 782-5937