Kaleb Littlejohn

Kaleb LittlejohnInstructor, Criminal Justice

136 Brewer Hall
(256) 782-5335

Kaleb W. Littlejohn is an Instructor of Criminal Justice. His law enforcement experience includes time as a Conservation Officer for the state of Alabama, as well as a deputy sheriff for Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office. He graduated in 2015 with his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Kaleb returned to JSU in 2018 and obtained his master’s degree. Kaleb was instrumental in the development of the Center for Best Practices in Law Enforcement.  He is designated as an International Crime Prevention Specialist by the International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners and has many other various certifications in law enforcement. Kaleb was hired in 2019 as an Instructor in Criminal Justice. Kaleb also helps with the Center for Best Practices in Law Enforcement offering free training to law enforcement personal in the state of Alabama. Kaleb is currently applying to doctoral programs in the general area.