Faculty Educational Leave Program

The Faculty Education Leave Program provides opportunities for faculty to pursue the completion of a terminal degree. These guidelines provide some flexibility to department heads and deans in shaping educational leave proposals for faculty. Faculty who are interested in educational leave are invited to work with their dean or designee and department head to prepare an application. Applications for Faculty Educational Leave should be submitted twelve (12) months in advance to the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (SVPAA), Room 235 Angle Hall.

I. Purpose
The Faculty Educational Leave Program is intended to provide opportunities for faculty to pursue completion of a terminal degree. The leave program is intended to assist in the expense of tuition and fees incurred with graduate studies.

II. Eligibility
Faculty who are full-time, regular faculty members holding academic rank are eligible to apply for the Faculty Educational Leave Program. Temporary faculty and adjunct faculty are not eligible.

III. Application
All applications must clearly describe the educational program to be pursued, as well as the benefit to the University. The strength of the application is largely a function of the expected benefit to the University, the needs of the University, and the future professional life of the faculty member. A limited number of leaves will be granted on a competitive basis. The total number of leaves available will be determined by the Provost and SVPAA. All leave applications must be approved by the department head and dean. Final approval is made by both the Provost and SVPAA and the President.

IV. Limitations
Budget constraints, resources necessary to provide coverage for the teaching load of those selected, and other restrictions within the affected department will determine the number of awards. These will be decided on a case by-case basis. The award will be for a period not to exceed twelve (12) months for which the faculty 

member may receive up to $1,500 per month while enrolled full time in approved graduate study. Consideration will also be given for faculty to pursue a terminal degree on a part-time basis, and to continue employment at a reduced-workload expectation and salary equivalent. A pro-rata award of up to $1,500 per month while enrolled in approved part-time graduate study will be awarded in proportion to the reduced workload expectation, e.g., 50% reduced work load = $750 award. Fringe benefits will be continued during leave..

Depending on college/department needs, award terms may be re-negotiated (i.e., salary, length of leave, and length of employment requirements following leave). Educational Leave will not count as time toward tenure or toward promotion. However, prior to beginning the leave, each faculty member must meet with the department head and dean who will determine the manner in which this leave will be evaluated as part of the annual evaluation.

V. Appeal
A formal, written appeal of leave denial must be filed with the Provost and SVPAA within fourteen (14) days of notification of a denial. The decision of the Provost and SVPAA is final.

VI. Faculty Educational Leave Report
Upon returning from Faculty Educational Leave, the faculty member will provide the Provost and SVPAA with a brief description of accomplishments during the leave period, in accordance with the outlined program of study in the application. In addition, an official transcript of grades and any other official verification of course work completion will be provided. The faculty member will be responsible for providing proof of enrollment, transcripts of grades, and other proof of satisfactory progress for each term of leave. The report, transcript, and other verification are due within sixty (60) days upon completing Faculty Educational Leave. The faculty member is required to return to the University's employ for a time equal to that of the Faculty Educational Leave.

Failure to submit a report for each Educational Leave period will result in forfeiture of the Leave Award and necessitate a full return of all Educational Leave funds to the University, in addition to cessation of future funding for Educational Leave.

Educational Leave Application Form (Word) (PDF)