Gamecock Cycles

A red bike leaning against a tree outside the Recreation and Fitness Center

Extended Bike Rentals

Gamecock Cycles, Urec's extended bike rentals, offers students a financially friendly and healthy alternative to commuting around campus and can serve as a great method of exercise.  Many students arrive to JSU and discover the unique and beautiful Ladiga Trail that runs from Anniston, AL all the way to the AL/GA state line.  The Gamecock Cycles bike rental service allows every student and RFC member to experience many beautiful trails like “the Ladiga” without having to commit to purchasing a bike in order to do so. 

For only $15, a JSU student or RFC member may rent out a Gamecock Cycle bike for a month at a time.  Each rental includes:

  • a helmet
  • a cable lock and key
  • complementary minor maintenance (flat fixes, seat and brakes adjustments, drivetrain repair)

At the time of rental, students or RFC members get to learn about proper bike fitting, safety aspects of commuter cycling, and of all the neat local areas to enjoy their rental through our friendly ARC customer service.

Bikes can be rented by appointment only.  Schedule your appointment by either:

completing the online rental form

Emailing the ARC staff

DIY Workspace

Within the ARC, Gamecock Cycles will offer time frames in which students and RFC members can come utilize our do-it-yourself workspace.  The workspace will have work stands, tools, and “how to” maintenance books.  A trained ARC employee will also be on hand to help users navigate the space and monitor the area.

Workspace Hours

Monday - Friday 1:30pm - 4:00pm

Reserve the workspace via email

Fix It Stations on the Quad

Throughout the semester, Gamecock Cycles will periodically set up “fix-it stations” to showcase the Gamecock Cycles program and promote other Adventure Rec and UREC programs and services.  These stations will be setup outside and will serve as part marketing and part repair support for students passing by.