First-Year Writing

One Destination

Our First-Year Writing program meets students where they are in their writing journey. Based on ACT, SAT, or English EdReady scores, students are placed into one of three First-Year Writing pathways.

No matter the path, our students all meet in one shared destination. All First-Year Writing course sequences . . .

  • Are a total of 6 hours toward a degree
  • Cost the same amount of tuition
  • Use the same textbooks
  • Complete "Area I: Written Composition" of the General Studies Curriculum
  • Are prerequisites to 200-level English courses
  • Prepare students for upper-level Writing-Intensive courses in every major as part of JSU’s Writing Across the Curriculum program

Three Paths

Enhanced Path

Traditional Path

Honors Path

Course Sequence

EH 105 & 115/EH 106 & 116

EH 101/EH 102

EH 103/EH 104

Total Hours





ACT English Subtest: 17 or Below

SAT English Subtest: 420 or Below

ACT English Subtest: 18 or Above

SAT English Subtest: 430 or Above

ACT English Subtest: 25 or Above

SAT English Subtest: 610 or Above

Type of Writer

The Enhanced Path is for writers who thrive at a slower pace and with extra help along the way, provided through the EH 115 and EH 116 Writing Studios

The Traditional Path is for writers who have a strong writing foundation and skill set

The Honors Path is for advanced writers who grow when challenged – not by harder assignments, but by different assignments

Placement without ACT/SAT Scores

Students without an ACT/SAT score are required to take English EdReady for placement. Achieving a score of 90 on the English EdReady study path will provide the option of taking the Enhanced Path or the Traditional Path.  Students who have ACT/SAT scores are exempt from English EdReady.

Questions about English EdReady should be directed to Learning Services at 256-782-5570.