First-Year Writing

English Course Placement Chart

English Course Placement

ACT English Subtest Score

SAT Verbal Score

English EdReady Score

EH 100 Basic English Skills

17 or Below

420 or Below

89 or Below

EH 101 English Composition I

18 or Above

430 or Above

90 or Above

EH 103 Honors English Composition I

25 or Above

620 or Above


Please contact Dr. Andrea Porter with any English placement questions at

English EdReady

All entering students who have not successfully completed or been awarded credit for EH 101 are required to submit scores from the ACT/SAT for English placement and are strongly encouraged to complete English EdReady. 

Students whose ACT/SAT English subtest score (ACT 17 or Below/SAT 420 or Below) places them into EH 100 and who achieve a score of 90+ on the English EdReady study path will place directly into EH 101 rather than EH 100, thus saving time and money.

FALL 2020 ALERT: Any student admitted for Fall 2020 who does not have an ACT/SAT English subtest score will be REQUIRED to achieve a score of 90+ on the English EdReady study path to be eligible for placement into EH 101.

We welcome all incoming students to utilize English EdReady, a FREE college readiness tool, and work to a recommended score of 90 or above. English EdReady provides an excellent review for students whose senior year of high school may have been cut short due to COVID-19 in Spring 2020.

Note: English EdReady does not have to be taken on campus.  You may access English EdReady anytime through MyJSU by clicking the “Placement Exams” link on your MyJSU homepage.

Questions about EdReady should be directed to Learning Services at 256-782-5570.