Students in creative writing camp

What to expect:

Come write with us! The JSU Writers Camp (Young Adult Writing Program) is dedicated to fostering craft for writers interested in developing their skills in the genres of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and will offer workshops, craft lectures, and readings by published writers and teachers of creative writing.

Activities will include: 

  • Exercises so that you can generate new creative work
  • Techniques for developing critiques of classmates’ work

  • A friendly space to share your writing

  • Feedback on writing from instructors and strategies for revision

  • Knowledge about publishing your work in print and online journals

  • Student readings

  • Outdoor writing activities

So many of us want to be writers; at YAWP, students will learn to own the fact that by virtue of being a person who writes, they are in fact writers--and celebrate that!

Camp Coordinator Kimberly Ann Southwick- Thompson tells us more about the Young Adult Writer's Program!

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More About the GASP Creative Writing Camp

More About the GASP Creative Writing Camp