Dr. Sarah Donley

Assistant Professor
205A Brewer Hall
Phone: 256-782-5352
Fax: 256-782-5168


Dr. Donley's Curriculum Vitae

Sarah Donley

Courses Taught

  • SY 301 Researching Society

  • SY 221 Introduction to Sociology

  • SY 222 Honors Introduction to Sociology

  • SY 368 Gender and Society

  • SY 324 Social Stratification

  • SY 356 Social Movements & Activism

Academic/Research Interests

  • Dr. Donley’s research centers on gender inequality, work and organizations, and culture. Her current research explores shifting cultural gender beliefs in feminizing occupations and what this means for gender (in)equality.


  • Kansas State University, PhD, Sociology, 2014
    Dissertation:  The Overtaking of Undertaking:  Feminization and the Changing Gender-type of Funeral Directing

  • Kansas State University, MA, Sociology, 2009
    Thesis:  HIV in the Heartland:  Negotiating Stigma, Disclosure and the HIV+ Community

  • University of Nebraska-Omaha, BA, Sociology, 2006