Graduate Certificate Application- Steps to Apply Online

  1. Log in to MyJaxState, select “Student Profile” under Student Links.
  2. Select “Apply to Graduate” under Student Records.
  3. Select “Submit” under Curriculum Term Selection. This term cannot be changed. This is your most current, active registration.
  4. Review the current major, minor, and/or concentration. If any of this information is not correct, Stop! Contact your check-out person before proceeding. If major, minor, and /or concentration are correct, select “Current Program” and continue.

  5. Select the correct graduation date under Graduation Date Selection, and continue. If the correct date is not listed, Stop! Contact your check-out person before proceeding.
  6. Select “No." 
  7. Select the name to be listed on your diploma under Diploma Name Selection. The only field which you can adjust manually is the middle name. If any other portion of the name is not correct, Stop! You must submit a name change form. “None” is not a valid option. 
  8. Select an address option for your diploma under Diploma Mailing Address Selection and continue. The diploma will be mailed to this address. This address will not update the contact information. Please note that “None” is not a valid option. 
  9. Review the summary of the application prior to submission under Graduation Application Summary. If everything is correct, submit. If there is an error,Stop! Close the form, and start again. 
  10. A letter of confirmation will appear after you submit. Please print this letter immediately. You will not be able to return to the letter at a later time. 

For graduate students, the Application for Graduation is a 2-step process. Step 1 is the process listed above and Step 2 is the graduate exit survey. More information about Step 2, Graduate Student Exit Survey will be sent to your JSU email during your graduation term indicated in Graduation Dates Selection, Step 7 above.