Standing Committees

Members of each of the University Standing Committees are appointed by the president at the beginning of each academic year.

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Standing Committees and Members

Greg Seitz
Dr. Maureen Newton
Dr. Greg Bonds
Dr. Christie Shelton
Joshua Robinson
Greg Harley, Chair
Tracy Broom
Lauren Findley
Jim Case
Michael Barton
Misty Ray
Jasmin Nunez
Jana McGinnis
Andrew Higgins
Bill Nash

David Lyon
Reginald Overton
Kevin Hoult
Brooke Lyon
Maureen Newton
Jessica Wiggins
Jewelishia Johnson
Denise Hunt
Arlitha Harmon, Co-Chair
Mark Hearn, Co-Chair
Bill Nash
Greg Bonds
Tim Lindblom
Joshua Robinson
Kristin Johnson

Kimberly Warfield
Ashley Turner
Diane Best
Eric McCulley
Arlene Brothers
Tierra Thatch
Sidney Blaylock
Lance Ingwersen
Erin Rider
Stacey Gill
Kim Westbrooks
Eric Johnson
Kimberly White

Dr. Janet Bavonese
Logan DeBoer
Chris Casey
Terry Casey
Dr. Emily Messer
Kelly Martin
Misty Ray
Dr. Staci Stone
Jessica Wiggins
Lauren Findley
Dr. Channing Ford
Tim Garner
Dr. Russell Hammack
Dr. Joe Morgan
Justin Parker
Dr. Erin Rider
Dr. Falynn Turley
Alice Wudarczyk
Vinson Houston
Chandni Khadka
Dr. Tim King
Dr. Gina Mabrey
Tricia Nelson
Courtney Peppers
Brooke Robinson
Emily White
Charlotte Cole

Vinson Houston
Brad McGriff
Paul Hathaway
Mica Mecham
Shelena Cofield
Josh Underwood
Emily Duncan
Kristin Young
Arup Ghosh
Dominique Maywald
Kelly Paynter
Jared Brown
Kimberly Hudgins

Tim King
Tracey Matthews
Andrea Porter
Kim Presson
Staci Stone
Joe Walsh, Chair
Katelyn Williams
Lisa Williams

Erin Rider
Douglas Stephens
Mary Anne Templeton
Sharifah Albraiki
Tim Whittemore

Michelle Green, Chair
Brook Robinson
Keaton Glass
Mary Reagan
Lynne Hollingsworth
Alesha Orman
Andrea Porter
Allen Gilbert
Mark Sciuchetti
Taylor Ellis
Brent Cunningham
Andrea Beerwinkle
Geraldine Mendiola

Dr. Allison Newton
Tyler Brown
Dr. Jeremy Stovall
Jennifer Frank
Cody Beck
Brett Underwood
Eric McCulley
Ashley Suplicki
Kelly Martin
Taylor Rainwater
Brody Jones
Auburn Taylor
Casey Mooney
Emily Duncan
Todd Wilson

Elizabeth Morrow, University Police Department
Michael Barton, University Police Department
Dusty Cowan, Capital Planning and Facilities
David Thompson, Capital Planning and Facilities
Justin Parker, Enrollment Management
Tierra Thatch, VP of SGA
Brooke Lyon, Housing and Residence Life
John Davis, College of Arts and Humanities
Randy Blades, College of Arts and Humanities
Natalia Esparragoza, College of Business and Industry
Brandy Russell, College of Education and Professional Studies
Rachel Wooten, College of Health Professions and Wellness
Gregor Kay, College of Health Professions and Wellness
Bernice George, College of Science and Mathematics
Megan Meade, College of Science and Mathematics
Travis Easterling, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Sean Creech, Disability Resources
Brody Jones, University Advancement
Avery Davis, Athletics
Michael Sanders, Information Technology
Andrew Higgins, Information Technology
Pete Conroy, Little River Canyon
Kaleb Littlejohn, McClellan
Allison Casey, Human Resources
John-Bauer Graham, University Library