Inclement Weather

During the Alabama tornado season (generally March until November), abrupt changes in the atmosphere sometimes result in severe weather, such as heavy thunderstorms and tornados. Advance knowledge of the impending severe weather can lessen or eliminate injury and loss of life. JSU's severe weather policy is designed to provide persons on campus with an immediate warning when severe weather is imminent.

The University Police Department coordinates with the Calhoun County EMA and the National Weather Service to monitor severe weather events. JSU Alerts may be sent based on the information obtained.

      A. Tornado Watch 

Tornado Watches are declared whenever conditions exist that are favorable to the development of tornados. Keep tuned to your radio, if available, or other media sources. If the area come under a tornado watch, the University Police Department will send JSU Alerts as appropriate. Leone Cole Auditorium or other designated areas will be made available for cover.

      B. Tornado Warning

Tornado Warnings are issued when a tornado has been sighted in the Calhoun County area. This policy's effectiveness in reducing the possibility of personal injury relies in part on cooperation when a tornado warning is issued.

  1. EMA sirens may sound a steady signal for two to three minutes.
  2. Building occupants should move to an appropriate area of the building in which they are located. Personnel should move to an interior area of a lower floor. Stay away from windows and exterior walls.
  3. Tune to your local media sources for updates.
  4. JSU Alerts will be sent as appropriate.
*The EMA sirens are tested regularly on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 4:00 p.m. 

       C. Severe Thunderstorm Warning 

A severe thunderstorm warning is issued when a thunderstorm containing winds in excess of 58 miles per hour or hail in excess of 3/4 inches has been detected moving through the area. During a severe thunderstorm, persons are encouraged to seek shelter indoors.