Campus Safety Phone App

The Jacksonville State University Police Department (UPD) is proud to announce a new and exciting emergency notification phone application for the campus community. The Cocky Watch App is now available to download. You can find the instructions below for downloading the Cocky Watch App on your phone today.

  1. Visit the following link to make sure your JSUalert account is updated. 
    Once on the website, click in the top right corner to create or login to your JSUalert account. Then you will ensure that all your information is up to date. It is very important to make sure you have a current cell phone number listed for calling and texting.
  2. There are two options to access your personalized access code. The code will connect the app to your existing JSUAlert account. This code is for your use only and will not change. Choose either option a or option b:
    a. Reference the separate email from The Jacksonville State University Police Department with your personalized access code.
    b. After you are login to your JSUAlert account, you can scroll down and check all information. Then you will scroll down to where it says Omnilert Phone APP. This is where you will find your personalized access code to log in to the Cocky Watch App.
  3. Omnialert LogoDownload the Cocky Watch App in your phone's app store. The app is listed as Omnilert.
  4. Open the app and use your personalized access code to log in to the Cocky Watch App.
  5. It is important to allow precise location while using the app and is found in your phone settings. Having your location turned on is important because it will allow us to serve you best if you ever need to use the panic button in an emergency. The panic button will send your name and location, and we will be able to send you help immediately when your location is provided.
  6. It is recommended that you allow push notifications for the Cocky Watch App. UPD will send out important alerts (weather and safety concerns) on the app.
  7. We recommend you open the Cocky Watch App and get familiar with the functions available. Locate the panic button, get familiar with the tip option, and look over all the resources provided on the resource tab.
  8. It is recommended that you keep the app logged in at all times. If you log out, you will need your personalized access code to access the app again. Staying logged in will allow you to access the panic button quickly if needed.

The Cocky Watch App is a panic button that goes where you go on your cell phone. The app's main function is the screen's red panic button in the top left corner. The panic button sends your information directly to the Campus Police Department and is monitored 24/7. The panic button has three options when selected. All three options will send your information to UPD. The first option also calls UPD at 256-782-5050. The second option is for emergencies off-campus; it will send your information to UPD and calls 911. The last option is a silent alert that sends your information to UPD and is for situations you may not be able to talk on the phone.

The Cocky Watch App also provides the Just Speak Up! safety tip function. The Just Speak Up! tip function is for sending UPD any non-emergency information or tips. The app allows you to send texts and gives the option to include photos or videos related to the tip. This is to help UPD prevent crime on campus and can be used for several situations ranging from a suspicious person or vehicle on campus to reporting campus lighting that is not working.

The Cocky Watch App also includes a resource tab that offers essential information at your fingertips. There are many resources, including links and important campus phone numbers. The resource tab includes UPD's non-emergency phone number (256-782-8888), a PDF of the campus map with parking zones, and much more.

Any questions or issues about the Cocky Watch App can be directed to UPD's Police Communications Supervisor and Crime Analyst Paige Rochus. Paige Rochus can be reached during normal business hours by phone at 256-782-8574 or email at PRochus@JSU.EDU.

This is an exciting time for the campus. The Jacksonville State University Police Department is proud to serve the campus community.

Stay Safe and Stay Cocky.